Maurice Jarvis 'M.J.' Miles



(teacher, flight instructor, chemist)


Maurice Jarvis Miles was born November 24, 1907 in St. George. He often went by the nickname, "M.J.".

M.J. married Mary Lyon of Overton, Nevada in the Salt Lake Temple on June 5, 1931.

M.J. graduated from Dixie Jr. College as valedictorian in 1928. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in chemistry in 1930 and from the University of Utah with an M.A. in chemistry in 1933. Later on, he did further study at four other universities

After teaching at South Cache High School in Hyrum, Utah for a couple of years, M.J. taught at Dixie Jr. College from 1933 to 1953.

In 1939, M.J. became a Civilian Pilot Trainer and was in charge of a wartime contract to train pilots. His trainees were known as "The Dixie Hell Cats" and he had the supervision of 96 pilots training at the St. George Airport. In time, he had a commercial pilot's license, a flight instructor rating and a flight examiner rating. By 1943, M.J. and his partner, Bert Covington, had six airplanes and a flight school. It was sold in 1949.

While in St. George, M.J. was actively involved in civic affairs including the Rotary Club, as a charter member of the Lion's Club, St. George Chamber of Commerce, volunteering for the St. George Fire Department, and as a Councilman for the City of St. George.

During some summers between school years, M.J. worked at Dugway Proving Grounds as assistant chief of the chemical warfare laboratory.

In 1953, M.J. moved to Henderson, Nevada where he spent the remaining 47 years of his life. He took a job with Timet Corporation at their titanium plant in Henderson, where he became chief chemist and supervised six steel company labs. He held this position until 1970.

The University of Nevada then hired him to start a lab in Boulder City to service a large Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) contract given to the Desert Research Institute.

He was then offered a contract as a consultant to rejoin the Timet Corporation, where he worked until he was almost 80 years of age.

M.J. Miles passed away at the age of 92 on April 28, 2000 in a Henderson, Nevada hospital due to causes incident to old age. He was buried in the Palm Memorial Park in Henderson, Nevada.


Parents and Siblings:
    George Edmond Miles
    Josephine Victoria Jarvis Miles  
        George Jarvis Miles
        Henry Jarvis Miles
        Ann Jarvis Miles
        Mary Jarvis Miles
        Walter Jarvis Miles
        Maurice Jarvis Miles
        Heber Jarvis Miles

(12/9/1866-2/7/1970)   (married 6/30/1895)
(xx/xx/1896-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(1/1/1900-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(4/22/1901-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1903-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(10/11/1905-8/14/1993)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(11/24/1907-4/28/2000)   (married Mary Lyon)

Wife and Children:
    Mary Lyon Miles
        Mary Lyon Miles
        Maurice Howard Miles
        Daniel Warren Miles
        Melvin Henry Miles
        Helen Joan Miles
        Robert Miles
        Carol Miles
        John Miles
        Bill Miles
        Clark Miles
        Douglas Lyon Miles

(8/16/1909-5/4/2004)   (married 6/5/1931)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Dean Lindsay)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Joan Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Lenore Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Linda Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Maynard Rasmussen)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Joyce Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Joe Vincent
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Naomi Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Mary Ann Xxxxxxxx)
(12/10/1942-1/4/1985)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)


Maurice Jarvis 'M.J.' Miles
WCHS-02261     Maurice Jarvis "M.J." Miles


Reflections of M.J. Miles
This is a transcript of some oral history interviews recorded by M.J.'s son, Dr. Melvin H. Miles and Mel's wife, Linda. The recordings were made in 1999, a year before M.J. passed away. Linda transcribed the recordings and M.J. reviewed the transcripts. They capture M.J.'s memories of some events along with his opinion on other matters.
Note: This is a large file and may take a while to load.

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