Stanley Harmon Hafen



by Richard & Marti Hafen

Stanley Harmon Hafen, the fourth child of "Coach" Lee & Elsie Hafen, was born on July 19, 1931 at home -- in the green house on the southeast corner of Main Street and 100 South. He was a student in St. George's first kindergarten class.

Stanley's love for watching or participating in sports began at an early age. From ages seven to nine he was the Dixie High School basketball team mascot. Wearing the jersey number "00", he carried the basketball and led the team around the court as they entered the gymnasium before games. Later he played both basketball and baseball at Dixie High and Dixie College -- adding football in his second year of college.

Upon graduating from Dixie College, he married his college sweetheart, Carol Jean Petersen, in the St. George Temple. They headed up to BYU for Stanley's junior year, which he completed, before being drafted into the United States Army. He was stationed at Fort Ord, California, and after basic training was made an MP. He completed his last two years of military service stationed in Yuma, Arizona. He and his wife, Carol, and their new additions, a daughter and a son, returned to BYU where Stanley finished his Bachelor's Degree in Education. The family then moved to Las Vegas where Stanley taught elementary school for 31 years. During that time he received his Master's Degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Over the years Stanley and his wife had four children. At the age of 55 Stanley retired. Returning to St. George, he and Carol built a home in Bloomington Hills and pursued the sport of golf.