Joseph W. Adair





Joseph Welton Adair was born in Nutrioso, Apache County, Arizona on June 17, 1881.

Sarah Adelia Taylor was born in New Harmony on November 6, 1882.

Joseph married Sarah in 1900.

In 1909 Joseph & Sarah moved to Farmington, New Mexico. They returned to New Harmony in 1925.

Joseph died in New Harmony on November 9, 1926 and was buried in Plot A-18 of the New Harmony Cemetery.

Sarah married Randle Wilson Lunt on July 3, 1931 and the couple resided in Cedar City until they moved to
New Harmony in 1941. Sarah died in New Harmony on May 23, 1949 and was buried in Plot A-17 of the
New Harmony Cemetery.


Joseph's Parents and Siblings:
    George Washington Adair
    Emily Perscinda Tyler Adair
        Olive Parintha Adair
        Emily Jane Adair
        Daniel Tyler Adair
        Samuel J. Adair
        William Albert Adair

        John Washington Adair
        George Newton Adair
        Ruth Alice Adair
        Joseph Welton Adair
        Rufus Nathaniel Adair

        Edna Irene Adair

(6/27/1837-9/9/1909)   (married xx/xx/1864)
(12/28/1865-10/3/1949)   (married Edmund Carbine Grant)
(12/3/1867-9/19/1901)   (married Florence Edna Huntsman)
(2/7/1873-11/18/1927)   (married Lucretia Black Whipple
    and Mary Roberta Sawyer Buckley)
(2/10/1874-4/18/1957)   (married Cynthia Jane Penrod)
(3/23/1876-11/24/1899)   (married Adelia Francesca Sawyer)
(9/16/1878-11/25/1920)   (married David Lorenzo Huntsman)
(6/17/1881-11/9/1926)   (married Sarah Adelia Taylor Lunt)
(9/16/1884-4/27/1959)   (married Nellie Precinthia Reid
    and Bonita Katherine Schuetz)
(1/20/1887-4/10/1937)   (married George Ether Slade)

Sarah's Parents and Siblings:
    Independence William Taylor  
    Julie Aner Taylor Taylor
        William Penn Taylor
        Sarah Adelia Taylor

        Joseph Allen Taylor
        Julia Taylor

(7/4/1954-3/22/1942)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(11/8/1880-12/26/1928)   (married Lurene Pace)
(11/6/1882-5/23/1949)   (married Joseph Welton Adair
    and Randle Wilson Hunt)
(10/12/1891-9/6/1933)   (married Moses Daniel Barney)

Joseph & Sarah's Family:
    Joseph Welton Adair
    Sarah Adelia Taylor Adair  
        Carrie Taylor Adair

        Joseph Welton Adair, Jr.
        Mark Twain Adair

        Riley T. Adair

(6/17/1881-11/9/1926)   (married xx/xx/1900)
(7/26/1907-3/6/1985)   (married Leslie Warren Chambers
    and Edwin Wesley McReynolds)
(4/22/1913-10/27/1980)   (married Evelyn Susan Smith)
(6/10/1915-9/4/2001)   (married Virginia Stevens
    and Gerturde Ella Traver)
(12/5/1918-11/19/1998)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)




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