John Hafen



(prominent stockman, civic and religious leader of Santa Clara)


John Hafen was born in Santa Clara on November 26, 1862.

John died on November 21, 1946 and is buried in Plot N08 at the Santa Clara City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    John George Hafen
    Susetta Bossard Hafen
        John Hafen
        Emma Hafen
        Harmon Hafen
        Adolph Hafen
        Susetta Hafen
        Ernest Hafen

(10/17/1838-5/4/1928)   (married 10/18/1861)
(11/27/1862-11/21/1946)   (married as shown below)
(9/2/1864-11/20/1947)   (married Johannes Graf)
(6/22/1868-1/11/1952)   (married Frances Helen Wilson)
(6/16/1874-4/16/1956)   (married Nellie Rosetta Atkin)
(3/19/1877-12/27/1970)   (married Lorenzo Calvin Leavitt)
(5/13/1882-11/22/1929)   (married Selina Rosina Gubler)

First Wife and Children:
    Lenora Knight Hafen
        Arthur Knight Hafen
        Guy Hafen

        Susette Hafen
        Jessie Lenora Hafen
        Carrie Hafen
        John Weston Hafen
        Orval Hafen
        Maxwell Hafen

(2/8/1862-11/7/1913)   (married 2/10/1887)
(1/14/1888-11/15/1971)   (married Orilla Minerva Woods)
(11/3/1889-4/25/1983)   (married Althea Rebecca Gregerson
    and Nellie Brown Weiler)
(8/3/1893-11/15/1953)   (married Vivian J. Frei)
(11/16/1903-10/3/1964)   (married Ruth Clark)
(11/16/1903-4/19/1988)   (married Emma Estella Bowler and Emily Jones Lee)

Second Wife and Children:
    Ida Florence Gubler Hafen  
        Lucile Hafen
        John Ballard Hafen

(8/28/1890-9/12/1922)   (married 10/11/1917)
(10/14/1919-4/16/2002)   (married Evan Bert Stevens)
(12/10/1921-9/22/2013)   (married Grace Arvena Graff)

Third Wife and Child:
    Rose Ann Gubler Hafen
        Agnes Myria Hafen

(3/10/1893-1/13/1962)   (married 11/7/1923)
(10/29/1924-7/2/1986)   (married Orien Lloyd Ballard
    and Elbert Merrill Stephenson)


John Hafen

WCHS photos:
WCHS-04530   Photo of John Hafen, Susette Bosshard Hafen, and Emma Hafen
WCHS-04533   Photo of the young John & Lenora Knight Hafen family


John Hafen: Pioneer Prominent Stockman, Civic and Religious Leader of Santa Clara, Utah
Published by his children, November 1961

Lenore Knight Hafen: Sentiments and Memoirs in Loving Tribute
Published by her children, 1960

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