John & Emma Hafen Graf



(early santa clara residents)


Johannes (aka John) Graf was born in Rebstein, St. Gallen, Switzerland on September 15, 1859. He was christened on September 18, 1859.

John Graf and Emma Hafen were married in St. George on February 12, 1885.

Sometime between 1885 and 1890, John & Emma Hafen purchased a home from Frederick Roulett. They raised their family and lived the remainder of their lives there.

John and Emma had ten children. They saw many sorrows, heartaches, and tragedies. John became mentally ill from a mule kick in the head, and wasn't himself for years before he died on December 11, 1916 at the age of 57. He was buried in the Santa Clara Cemetery. Emma lived to see seven of her ten children pass away. One of their sons, Walter, had a hunchback and required much care. Another son, Otto, shot himself accidentally at age 18. Kenneth, when eight years old, was injured by a mule while helping his father and died from blood poisoning. Their little girl, Orpha, got a throat disease and died from choking. The oldest child, Charlotta, died from breast cancer in 1947.

While Emma was still alive, her son Elgin and his wife, Vivian Tobler Graf, lived in the two front rooms of the house until they built their own home down the street in 1939.

Emma suffered greatly from arthritis later in life. As she was a widow for 30 years, she worked hard to care for the needs of her family. Emma loved her children and grandchildren very much and would do anything for them. Emma was a most thoughtful and unselfish mother and mother-in-law, beloved by her family. She passed away at the age of 83 in 1947. The three children who survived her were Tessie Graf Reber, Oliver Graf, and Elgin Graf.


John's Parents and Siblings:
    Johannes Graf
    Anna Magdalena Graf
        Anna Catherine Graf
        John Henry Graf
        Arnold Graf
        Johannes (aka John) Graf  
        Emma Barbara Graf
        Emil Graf
        Theodore Harmon Graf

(12/18/1825-7/23/1883)   (married xx/xx/~1854)
(3/15/1855-5/3/1898)   (married John Reber)
(11/28/1856-1/2/1891)   (married Barbara Staheli)
(9/15/1859-12/11/1916)   (married Emma Hafen)
(7/21/1861-5/16/1930)   (married Trog Graf)
(3/29/1863-1/8/1898)   (married Juliet Roulett)
(1/4/1868-7/12/1947)   (married Lydia Eva Knight)

Emma's Parents and Siblings:
    John George Hafen
    Susetta Bosshard Hafen
        John Hafen

        Emma Hafen
        Harmon Hafen
        Adolph Hafen
        Susetta Hafen
        Ernest Hafen

(10/17/1838-5/4/1928)   (married 10/18/1861)
(11/26/1862-11/21/1946)   (married Lenora Knight, Ida Florence Gubler,
    and Rose Ann Gubler)
(9/2/1864-11/20/1947)   (married John Graf)
(6/22/1868-1/11/1952)   (married Frances Helen Wilson)
(6/16/1874-4/16/1956)   (married Nellie Rosetta Atkin)
(3/19/1877-12/27/1970)   (married Lorenzo Calvin Leavitt)
(5/13/1882-11/22/1929)   (married Selina Rosina Gubler)

John & Emma's Family:
    John (aka Johannes) Graf
    Emma Hafen Graf
        Louis "Lewis" Graf
        Charlotte Graf
        John Waldo Graf
        George Walter Graf
        Kenneth Emil Graf
        Tessie Susetta Graf
        Otto Graf
        Oliver Graf
        Orphia Graf
        Elgin "Brock" Graff

(9/15/1859-12/11/1916)   (married 2/12/1885)
(11/23/1887-4/14/1947)   (married Fredrick Reber)
(5/11/1898-7/14/1989)   (married Leo Frei Reber)
(2/16/1902-12/16/1987)   (married Elsie Jane Horner)
(6/29/1908-9/19/2004)   (married Vivian Tobler)




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