Roulett-Graf Home



Santa Clara, Utah


2862 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah 84765
Not listed in the May 1941 telephone book
Telephone 24-R11                     in the 1954 telephone book     (Max Hunt)
Telephone ORchard 3-2745     in the 1958 telephone book     (Max Hunt)
Telephone ORchard 3-2745     in the 1961 telephone book     (Max Hunt)
Not listed in the September 1972 telephone book

37° 7' 56.8" North Latitude,   113° 39' 2.1" West Longitude
37.1324° North Latitude,   113.6506° West Longitude
2,771 feet (844 meters) MSL


The home was constructed of handmade adobe block and had a double-cell floor plan. Later, a kitchen and then a dining room were built onto the home, and stucco was added on the exterior.

The home has a one-room cellar built of lava rock, which maintains a fairly constant 55-degree year round.

The small granary outbuilding on the property is also made of lava and sandstone, with a mud mortar and rubble floor.

Some believe that buildings of this type in the area may have been constructed from rocks dislodged when the old Fort Santa Clara was destroyed in the flood of 1862.

At some point, a second story apartment was added.


This home was built by Frederick Roulett in the mid-1880's.

Sometime between 1885 and 1890, Mr. Roulett moved away from Santa Clara. He sold his home to John & Emma Hafen Graf. They raised their family and lived there the remainder of their lives.

The Graf's son, Elgin, and his wife, Vivian Tobler Graf, lived in the two front rooms of the house until they built their own home down the street in 1939.

After the death of Emma Graf, the Max Hunt family purchased the home. They raised their family there.

Jose & Darlene Rivera from California, bought the home from the Hunts. They also raised their family there. They made many improvements to the home by upgrading it mechanically, tending the landscape, and keeping the old home in good repair.

After retiring, the Riveras desired to be closer to their children and grandchildren in New Mexico, so in November 2002 they sold the home to Herb & Wendy Basso of Santa Clara. The Bassos wanted to preserve the home and adapt it to a commercial setting. They renovated the second floor into an apartment by adding a bathroom, a small kitchen, and creating a living room from one of the original bedrooms. The wide plank pine floors were refinished, and a driveway and private entrance were created on the east side of the home.

The main floor was leased to several tenants over the years. The first establishment was Grandma Tobler's Bakery and Kitchen. Lark Taylor and her sisters remodeled the main floor into a bakery and catering establishment, which opened in 2003. It was named after their Grandmother Tobler, a Swiss descendant.

When Grandma Tobler's Bakery expanded to another location, Simply Delicious, Sweet Emma's, and Strawberry Creek Bakery were later tenants.

In 2013, the Bassos refinished the original floors in the two front rooms, added central air, and repainted over the trademark pink exterior to open their restaurant: Kaili's. Herb is originally from Hawaii, has always loved to cook, and finally has a restaurant of his own!

Frederick Roulett
John & Emma Graf
Max Hunt
Jose & Darlene Rivera
Herb & Wendy Basso


Frederick Roulett   TBD

John & Emma Graf   click here

Jose & Darlene Rivera   Jose was employed by Santa Clara City for many years and Darlene worked at times at Freis' fruit stand across the street.

Herb & Wendy Basso   TBD




Kaili's Restaurant
2862 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah 84765
History of the Roulett/Graff Home