James & Eleanor Lane Cragun



(early settlers of St. George)


James Cragun was born July 26, 1814 in Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana.

Eleanor "Ellen" Lane was born November 11, 1817 in Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky.

James and Eleanor were married March 30, 1836 in Harrison, Boone County, Indiana.

James & Eleanor and their children crossed the plains in the Ezra T. Benson Company (known as the 5th Company), arriving in Salt Lake City on October 25, 1949.

In 1863, the Cragun family moved down to St. George where the parents remained for the rest of their lives.

They built a home on a lot on the southwest corner of the block bounded by 300 & 400 North and 200 & 300 West (Plat A, Block 40, Lot 1 on the old pioneer map of St. George.

James died February 13, 1887 in St. George and was buried in Plot A_E_118_1 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Eleanor died December 25, 1902 in St. George and was buried in Plot A_E_118_2 of the St. George City Cemetery.


James' Parents and Siblings:
    Elisha Cragun
    Mary "Polly" Osborne Cragun  
        Rebecca Cragun
        James Cragun
        Hiram Cragun
        Mary Martha Cragun
        Enoch Cragun
        Abigale Cragun
        Terisha Cragun
        Simeon Cragun
        Tabitha Cragun
        Sara Jane Cragun

(2/22/1786-xx/xx/1847)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(9/25/1812-xx/xx/1851)   (married Aaron Beeman)
(7/26/1814-2/13/1887)   (married Eleanor Lane)
(12/8/1816-3/2/1884)   (married Reiter Dooley)
(12/18/1819-8/8/1896)   (married Jacob Beeler and David McOlney)
(1/14/1821-10/29/1903)   (married Mary R. "Molly" Peters)
(4/28/1825-1/6/1896)   (married George Norvill)
(8/13/1827-2/9/1874)   (married Susannah "Susan" Mower)
(3/5/1830-12/3/1868)   (married Edwin Reuben Lindsay)

Eleanor's Parents and Siblings:
    Samuel Lambert Lane
    Margaret McCarty Lane
        Cornelius Lane
        Eleanor Lane
        Samuel H. Lane
        James Marion Lane

(3/15/1787-10/18/1842)   (married 6or7/15/1811)
(6/10/1815-3/3/1880)   (married Pauline Perlina Yates)
(11/11/1817-12/25/1902)   (married James Cragun)
(9/20/1829-10/17/1904)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(4/17/1833-10/27/1916)   (married Celicia A. McGinnis)

James & Eleanor's Family:
    James Cragun
    Eleanor "Ellen" Lane Cragun
        Lydia Margaret Cragun
        James Hyrum Cragun
        Thomas Calvin Cragun
        Mary Ellen Cragun
        Melvina Cragun
        Elisha Cragun
        Martha Cragun
        Sarah Jane Cragun
        Tyresha Cragun

(7/26/1814-2/13/1887)   (married 3/30/1836)
(1/26/1838-6/23/1916)   (married James H. McCarty)
(12/28/1843-5/23/1909)   (married Amelia Chambers)
(2/24/1845-10/28/1930)   (married Lars V. Jensen)
(8/3/1849-4/3/1903)   (married Margaret Lawson)
(3/3/1852-11/30/1932)   (married Isaiah Cox)
(4/27/1854-3/2/1932)   (married Samuel Henry Worthen and Oliver Cromwel Garthwait)
(3/27/1857-3/9/1895)   (married Joseph Kirkham)


James Cragun
        Eleanor Lane Cragun


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