Thomas Calvin & Amelia Chambers Cragun



(early settlers of St. George)


Thomas Calvin Cragun was born December 28, 1843 in Northfield, Boone County, Indiana.

Amelia Chambers was born January, 10, 1846 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

Thomas came to across the plains with his family, arriving in Salt Lake City on October 25, 1949.

Thomas played the clarinet and piccolo, and was a member of the Salt Lake City Martial Band. He also taught the fife and drum.

Thomas and Amelia were married on August 2, 1861 in Salt Lake City.

Thomas & Amelia moved to St. George in 1863 and helped settle that country. While there, Thomas helped to organize a martial band and taught several people to play the drum.

The Craguns stayed in St. George about three years before leaving in 1865 to make their home in Smithfield, Cache County, Utah.

Thomas died May 23, 1909 in Smithfield, Cache County, Utah. He was buried in Plot B_119_5 of the Smithfield City Cemetery.

Amelia died June 8, 1916 in Smithfield, Cache County, Utah. She was buried in Plot B_119_6b of the Smithfield City Cemetery.


Thomas' Parents and Siblings:
    James Cragun
    Eleanor "Ellen" Lane Cragun  
        Lydia Margaret Cragun
        James Hyrum Cragun
        Thomas Calvin Cragun
        Mary Ellen Cragun
        Melvina Cragun
        Elisha Cragun
        Martha Cragun
        Sarah Jane Cragun
        Tyresha Cragun

(7/26/1814-2/13/1887)   (married 3/30/1836)
(1/26/1838-6/23/1916)   (married James H. McCarty)
(12/28/1843-5/23/1909)   (married Amelia Chambers)
(2/24/1845-10/28/1930)   (married Lars V. Jensen)
(8/3/1849-4/3/1903)   (married Margaret Lawson)
(3/3/1852-11/30/1932)   (married Isaiah Cox)
(4/27/1854-3/2/1932)   (married Samuel Henry Worthen and Oliver Cromwel Garthwait)
(3/27/1857-3/9/1895)   (married Joseph Kirkham)

Amelia's Parents and Siblings:
    William Chambers
    Clarissa Bence Chambers
        Alfred Chambers
        Theophilas Chambers
        Amelia Chambers

(1/4/1818-1/27/1907)   (married 8/30/1840)
(8/3/1842-4/30/1913)   (married Mary Langton)
(7/16/1844-9/6/1923)   (married Angelina Sheen)
(1/10/1846-6/8/1916)   (married Thomas Calvin Cragun)

Thomas & Amelia's Family:
    Thomas Calvin Cragun
    Amelia Chambers Cragun
        Calvin Cragun
        Mary Jane Cragun
        Amelia Ellen Cragun
        Thomas William Cragun
        James Alfred Cragun
        Richard Cragun
        Wallace Cragun
        Elmo Elisha Cragun
        Regenia Cragun
        Lorin Cragun

(12/28/1843-5/23/1909)   (married 8/2/1861)
(5/15/1862-10/22/1939)   (married Mary Elizabeth Tanner and Martha Stubbs)
(11/11/1868-6/16/1923)   (married Emma Rachel Johnson)
(11/21/1870-4/12/1937)   (married Katie Blake Holladay)
(7/8/1875-3/17/1929)   (married Susan Iduma Sweeten)
(1/15/1885-4/30/1972)   (married Abraham LeRoy Smith)


Thomas Calvin Cragun


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