Sarah Elzina Pulsipher Tyler



(early settler in Hebron)


Sarah Elzina Pulsipher was born November 6, 1854 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the daughter of John and Rozilla Huffaker Pulsipher, who were pioneers of 1848.

Her father was called on a mission to Ft. Supply laboring among the Shoshone Indians, leaving his young wife and small baby. This mission was just 12 miles from Ft. Bridger, Wyoming. Later he was permitted to spend the winter home with his family but had to return again to his mission taking his wife and baby daughter with him. When he was released from his mission, they again returned to Salt Lake City where sisters Emily Sariah and Mary Elizabeth were born.

He was among the first to be called to help settle the Dixie Mission. His first son, John David, was born just a few days after they arrived, making him one among the first white children born in Dixie.

Later, her father helped take the church cattle to Hebron where his sons, Charles and Lewis, were born.

Charles was the first white child born at Hebron. At the early age of 34, Elzina's mother passed away on February 9, 1871, leaving Elzina the responsibility of taking care of her sisters and brothers.

Just two months after losing her beloved mother, her youngest brother, Lewis, passed away on April 24, 1871, this being a severe blow to one so young.

While just a small girl at home, she remembers on returning from school, her mother put a coat on her and hid her on the roof of the house, as that afternoon four large Indians had come to the house, demanding food. The father being away, her mother took the gun and ordered the Indians out of the place and told them to move fast, and they did just that, as they could tell she meant business. She was afraid the Indians might return before Father could get there.

When 17 years of age, she married Danial Moroni Tyler, son of Danial and Ruth Watson Tyler of Beaver Utah on August 19,1872 in the Salt Lake City Endowment House.

She and Danial, accompanied by his mother traveled the 200 miles to Salt Lake City by team and wagon.

They lived in Beaver where their first child was born on May 18, 1875 and passed away there.

They moved to Hebron, Utah where the following children were born: Danial, John P., William Nathanial, Esther Murry, Andrew, and Emily. Later, they moved to Huntington Huntington, Emery County, Utah where the twins, Mary and Marion, were born. A son, Charles, was also born there. Her husband passed away here. Elzina's father passed away on July 9, 1891, after a lingering illness. Later, she took her family and moved to Idaho, settling near Ucon, Idaho. There she had the pleasure of seeing her children grow up and most of them married before she passed away.

She lived a very useful life and was loved by all who knew her. She was always ready and willing to help a friend whenever she could, if they needed her help.


Parents and Siblings:

    John Pulsipher (born 7/17/1827; died 7/9/1891 or 8/7/1891 or 8/21/1891)
    Rozilla Huffaker Pulsipher (born 1/24or25/1837; died 2/9/1871)
        Sarah Elzina Pulsipher Tyler (born 11/6/1854; died ???)
        Emily Sariah
        Mary Elizabeth
        John David
        Lewis (born 1/8/1866; died 4/24/1871)

Husband and Children:

    Daniel Moroni Tyler (married 8/19/1872)
        ??? (born and soon died)
        John P.
        William Nathanial
        Esther Murry


"Memories of the Past and Family History"
Book written and compiled by Carrie Elizabeth Laub Hunt
Pages 144-145