Edwin G. Woolley



(carpenter, judge, merchant)


Edwin Gordon Woolley was born in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois on July 30, 1845.

Mary Lavinia Bentley was born in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa on June 8, 1849.

Edwin was a principal in the firm of Woolley, Lund & Judd. He was a man of education and had a taste for the
finer things in life. He was described in his day as a true aristocrat.

Mary died in Salt Lake City on July 23, 1818 and was buried on July 25 in Plot J_20_13_5W of the
Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Edwin died in Salt Lake City on January 13, 1930 and was buried on January 16 in Plot J_20_13_4W of the
Salt Lake City Cemetery.


Edwin's Parents and Siblings:
    Edwin Dilworth Woolley
    Louisa Chapin Gordon Woolley  
        Edwin Gordon Woolley

(6/28/1807-10/14/1881)   (married xx/xx/1844)
(7/30/1845-1/13/1930)   (married Mary Lavinia Bentley)

Mary's Parents and Siblings:
    Richard Bentley
    Elizabeth Price Bentley
        Emma Geneva Bentley
        Mary Lavinia Bentley
        William Oscar Bentley
        Elizabeth Ann Bentley
        Franklin Richard Bentley
        Joseph Charles Bentley

(10/1/1820-3/24/1906)   (married 9/9/1843)
(5/11/1847-5/13/1922)   (married Edwin Dilworth Woolley Jr.)
(6/8/1849-7/23/1918)   (married Edwin Gordon Woolley)
(8/24/1851-3/15/1920)   (married Mary Ann Mansfield)
(1/22/1854-11/30/1925)   (married Thomas Nelson Terry)
(8/14/1856-8/18/1923)   (married Marion Benbow Carter)
(8/31/1859-3/7/1942)   (married Margaret McKean Ivins,
    Gladys Elizabeth Hill Woodmansee, and Maud Mary Taylor)

Edwin & Mary's Family:
    Edwin Gordon Woolley
    Mary Lavinia Bentley Woolley
        Edwin Gordon Woolley

        Richard Bentley Woolley
        Mary Louisa Woolley
        Frederick Ralph Woolley
        Frank L. Woolley
        Emma Geneva Woolley
        Charles Robert Woolley
        Joseph Roscoe Woolley
        Elizabeth Price Woolley

        Clio Myrtle Woolley
        Paul Clifford Woolley
        Margaret Woolley

(7/30/1845-1/13/1930)   (married 10/4/1869)
(9/1/1870-4/28/1966)   (married Mary Olivia Burt
    and Mary Margaret Johnson)
(7/4/1872-9/30/1941)   (married Sarah Ann Leatham)
(9/17/1874-5/10/1955)   (married Samuel Henry Wells)
(11/12/1876-4/24/1956)   (married Chloe Hunter)
(xx/xx/1977-xx/xx/1900)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(7/19/1883-2/9/1969)   (married John Wadsworth Walton
    and Fred Stammer Sr.)
(5/30/1886-12/12/1980)   (married Joseph Fredrick Goss)
(7/23/1888-3/4/1979)   (married Frances Margaret Gilberg)
(7/24/1892-7/9/1985)   (married Ernest Vernon Thiriot)




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