Daniel Clark Watson



(pharmacist, St. George mayor)


Daniel Clark Watson (or "Clark" as he was usually called) was born September 6, 1884 in Parowan, Utah.

Clark married Anna "Nan" Hess Milne in the St. George Temple on September 16, 1907.

Watson received his pharmacy degree from Chicago's Northwestern University in 1909. He then worked as an apprentice for several years at drug stores in Midvale and Salt Lake City.

The Watson's returned to St. George in 1914 and opened Dixie Drug.

D. Clark Watson served three terms as Mayor of St. George from January of 1940 to January of 1946.

He was involved in many other civic and professional activities:
  • President of the Utah Pharmaceutical Association
  • President of the Utah Municipal League
  • President of the St. George Rotary Club
  • President of Veteran Druggists' Association of Utah
  • President of the St.George Chamber of Commerce
  • District Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America
  • Head of the local National Defense Council during World War II
His awards and recognitions included:
  • American Pharmaceutical Association "American Druggist Citation Award" in 1946
  • A. H. Robins award for outstanding community service in 1960
  • Dixie College recognition award for outstanding service to the college and the community
In 1951 as his health started to deteriorate, Clark convinced his son, Leon, also a pharmacist, to come help with Dixie Drug. then in 1955, Clark turned the business over to Leon, just helping out part time during the rest of his retirement.

The elder Watson died June 25, 1965 in St. George and was buried on June 29, 1965 in Plot C_30_12_1 of the St. George City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    Lorenzo Dow Watson
    Sarah Melissa Clark Watson
        Melissa Vivian Watson
        Alma Gertrude Watson
        Edgar Clare Watson
        Rural Pearl Watson
        Zola Latrande Watson
        Millard Dow Watson
        Ora Laverne Watson
        Elizabeth Debrah Watson
        Daniel Clark Watson
        Bertha Pendexter Watson
        Clair Myrtle Watson
        Alice Nevada Watson
        Loren Watson
        Florian Watson
        LaVerd Watson

(9/17/1845-11/1/1896)   (married xx/xx/1871)
(2/29/1872-3/11/1962)   (married Franklin Jeremiah Woodbury)
(1/2/1874-7/5/1969)   (married Donald Alpine McGregor)
(8/2/1877-1/16/1952)   (married George Richard Lyman)
(7/26/1879-7/15/1923)   (married James Newberry Connell)
(2/21/1881-12/18/1950)   (married Lola Sawyer)
(8/7/1882-10/16/1973)   (different mother?; married Gordon William Eatough)
(1/10/1883-6/30/1957)   (married William Leech Adams)
(9/6/1884-6/25/1965)   (married Anna "Nan" Hess Milne)
(7/20/1886-1/29/1971)   (married Donald Alpine McGregor)
(4/7/1889-7/28/1931)   (married William A. Whitehead)
(4/28/1891-6/4/1976)   (different mother; married Burton W. Driggs)
(5/12/1894-10/13/1981)   (married Xxxxxxx X. King)
(1/5/1895-1/23/1977)   (different mother; married LaMar Wiley Johnson)
(2/18/1896-8/18/1985)   (married Joseph Clinton Lillywhite)

Wife and Children:
    Anna "Nan" Hess Milne Watson  
        LoRen "Loie" Watson
        Wetona "Toni" Watson
        Daniel "Dan; D.C." Clark Watson Jr.  
        Leon "Lee" Milne Watson

(3/7/1886-1/8/1970)   (married 9/16/1907)
(1/25/1916-4/30/2012)   (married Virgil Crosby Snow)
(1/23/1919-2/24/2009)   (married Robert F. Edwards)
(5/24/1926-11/23/1991)   (married Barbara Jane Wilson)


Daniel Clark Watson
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        Daniel Clark Watson
        WCHS-01869     D. Clark Watson
        Daniel Clark Watson
        WCHS-01870     Daniel Clark Watson


Former Mayor, Druggist Dies at 80 in St. George
The Salt Lake Tribune,   June 28, 1965

Former Mayor, Druggist Dies at 80 in St. George
Special to the Tribune,   June 28, 1965

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