Bart Anderson



(aka "Ranger Bart")

(historian, story teller, guide)

Bart Cleo Anderson was born March 8, 1943 in Burley, Idaho. His parents were Sherman Otto and Eva Yeaman Anderson. He had one brother, Paul, and three sisters, Kristine (Willson), Karla (Phelps), and Kathy (Clark).

After serving a mission for the LDS Church in Scotland, Bart married Marsha Mouritsen (now Kaniakas). They had four children before being divorced, Todd, Tony, Tyler, and Tara (Andersen). They now have ten grandchildren. On September 6, 1983, he married Delorice Harvill, who remained his best friend and sweetheart for the rest of his life. He used to refer to her as "the wind beneath my wings." They were later sealed in the St. George Temple.

Bart contracted polio at the age of three and suffered from various health problems during his life. But he still managed to earn his Eagle Scout Award and serve a successful mission. Bart's adventurous youth was filled with escapades of flying, hang-gliding, skydiving, hiking the Grand Canyon, and sailing the Great Salt Lake. He joined the Navy and served in the Coastguard. He was an amateur radio ("ham") operator, K7EDU. He worked in the medical field as a Hematologist and Medical Examiner.

When Bart moved to Southern Utah, he became associated with historian Juanita Brooks and became an expert on the history of the area. He become one of Southern Utah's most prominent hiking experts, leading countless hikes and tours. He spent many volunteer hours preparing and giving lectures, sometimes several in a single day. He could be found every Thursday afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce visitor center answering questions and giving advice to visitors. His countless awards and accomplishments earned him the title "Ranger Bart" and he has also been called "one of Dixie's greatest natural resources." His influence in the hiking community led to a trail being named in his honor at Sun River. Bart's love for the people of Dixie was unsurpassed, as you would hear on his answering machine: "Please, please be kind to each other."

Bart passed away in his sleep on March 23, 2009. He is buried in the St. George City Cemetery. His passing was a real loss to all who knew and learned from him, but his legacy will live on for a long time.


Bart Anderson lecturing at the New Harmony Library
WCHS-02481   At the New Harmony Library
      Ranger Bart speaking to a group at Fort Pearce
      WCHS-00040   Speaking to a group at Fort Pearce

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WCHS-00112   Bart Anderson on the Temple Quarry Trail

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Bart Anderson


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