Bart Anderson



Bart Anderson volunteered untold hours speaking to various groups about the history of Washington County.

It has been reported that his slide programs have been donated to Special Collections at Dixie State College and will eventually be put on on the web.


Arizona Strip - 80 slides, notes, "Grand Canyon National Monument - Parashant, "Zion Canyon Field Institute"

Beryl - 80 slides, notes, "Biography for Joi Lansing" 2 photos

Black Pioneer - 140 slides, script "Blacks in Utah History", "The Story of the Negro Pioneer", "James P. Beckwourth and the Mythology of the West", "Faithful John Burton" headstone

Bryce Canyon - 43 slides

Bryce Canyon - 80 slides, notes,

Butch Women - 80 slides, notes - including Butch Cassidy women, "Edwina Booth", "Marie Ogden", "Timeline of some key moments in county history"

Cable Mountain -80 slides, notes, "...Like a Hawk Flying!" "Zion Canyon Field Institute"

Capital Reef Burr Trail - 140 slides, "A Driving Guide to the Burr Trail"

Cedar Breaks - 80 slides, Order or Illustrations (58), "History of Iron County Mission and Parowan", "The Civilian Conservation Corps at Cedar Breaks", "Cedar Breaks National Monument"

Churches - 80 slides, notes, "Strangers in Zion", Presbyterians

Cotton - 80 slides, "Cotton Mill"

Death Valley - 61 slides

Doctors (People) - 116 slides

England, Scotland, Heidelberg - 80 slides, notes

Escalante - 80 slides, notes, map "Grand Staircase Escalante", "Questions and Answers on the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument", Thirty one locations list

Gold Springs - 140 slide, notes, "Incident Management Situation Report", "Dixie Sun" news, "Silver King Mine", "Kanarra Mountain Coal", "When the Fabulous Horn Silver Mine Caved In", two photographs,

Ghost Towns - 80 slides

Grand Canyon - 36 slides

Gun fighter & Cable Works - 80 slides, notes Athe Meeks, Silver Reef, Uncle Nat and the Robbers, Roy George Jameson photo

Handcarts - 80 slides, notes, "Handcart Companies", "Joel Hills Johnson Journal", "Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Volume 2, Handcart Companies"

Hikes - 80 slides

Historical Quarterly - 54 slides, notes

History of Dixie - 80 slides, notes, book-Beneath Vermillion Cliff, program "Winds of Harmony"

History of Pine Valley - Men, Mule, Sweat - 80 slides, "Hiking Guide to Pine Valley Mountain"

Hole in the Rock - 80 slides, 4 photographs

Hurricane Canal - 94 slides (some missing slots), notes, "The Story of the Hurricane Canal by Alice Gubler Stratton

I-15 - slides, 27 loose slides, notes

Immortal Pioneers 2000 lbs - 79 slides, "The Cremation of Sam McGee"

Indian Nature Pictures - 120 slides

Indian Trouble - 79 slides, notes, "Indian Troubles in Dixie", "Washington County Ghost Towns", "Let's Guard What is Left"

Is it true what they say about Dixie - 80 slides, printed song "Mormons", personal letter from Ann Saut Blatter

Lake Havasu Blue Green Water - 140 slides

Lake Mead Boulder Dam - 80 slides, notes, "Chronology of Colorado River"

Lake Powell - 135 slides (Under Lake Powell - Lake Powell & Gold)

Lee's Ferry - 80 slides, Walking Tour Guide "Lees Ferry & Lonely Dell Ranch Historic Districts"

Legacy - 80 slides, CD Garfield Magna 1900

Lehman Cave - 80 slides, notes, "Great Basin National Park"

Man Hunters - 62 slides, "The History of the Sheriff"

Mexico - 89 slides, notes

Mountain Men - 80 slides, notes, articles "Milton Sublette Climbs a Tree", "Jim Bridger's Gun Inspection", "Old Spanish Trail"

Mystery of Superstitions of Mountains - 80 slides

Parashant of Vermillion Cliffs - 80 slides

Pine Valley - 80 slides, "old Favorites Song Book", "Uncle Nat and the Robbers", "Susan", "Ebenezer Bryce", map

Pioche - 80 slides, "Pioche", "Lincoln County: Land of Many Frontiers"

Pipe Springs - 80 slides, notes, "Pipe Spring and the Arizona Strip", "Pipe Spring National Monument", "Pipe Spring", "The Hidden Cache Trail", "Pipe Spring", Cassette - Pipe Springs

Polygamy- 80 slides, "Lucy Mack Smith, History of Joseph Smith family"

Presidents - 78 slides, "The Presidents of the United States", "Unknown Facts of U.S. President", quiz, "Fun Facts about the United States Presidents"

Railroads - 64 slides, 27 loose, notes, "Cedar City Terminal Railway"

Rainbow Bridge - 80 slides, notes

Red Hills - 132 slides, "The St. George Temple Foundation"

The Right One - 80 slides (Church History?)

Rockwell, Porter - 82 slides, cassette "Porter Rockwell"

Seas - 80 slides, notes, Cassette "Whales in Salt Lake" (empty?)

Scenery, Trampoline, Betty & Ray Christmas, Zoo, Church, Christmas Program - 126 slides, "Utah map" (check with wife - personal slides?)

Silver Reef - 79 slides, script notes

Snakes - 80 slides, "For Goodness Snakes! Treating and Preventing Venomous Bites"

Snow Canyon - 80 slides,

Spanish Trail, Dominguez & Escalante - 130 slides, script "Old Spanish Trail" by B. Anderson

Strange Curiousities of Utah - 80 slides, "The History Blazer - News of Utah's Past"

Strange Folklore - 54 slides, 32 loose slides

St. George Magazine - 115 slides

Temple, Tabernacle, Courthouse, Arts - 79 slides, notes

Town Names - 70 slides, notes

Trip - 130 slides, Summer "78" - Ft. Collins, by way of California - North Dakota

Uranium Frenzy - 76 slides

U.S. Camel Corps of the Southwest - 80 slides, script

War - 80 slides

Water and Justice - 61 slides

Women Pioneers - 108 slides, "Ana Eliza Webb-the Wife who defied Brigham Young"

Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon - 140 slides

Zion Facts - 140 slides, notes

Zion - Tunnel - 80 slides, notes, book "The Zion Tunnel"


Inventory of Bart Anderson slides from about 2009

History of Washington County
Audio of a slide lecture by Bart Anderson given July 20, 2007 at the New Harmony Libary as part of the Fort Harmony Celebration days. See WCHS-02481 for the accompanying photo.