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Alma Truman Angell was born in China/Java, Genesee/Wyoming County, New York on January 12, 1833.

Charlotte E. Buys was born in Albany, Albany County, New York on April 11, 1835.

Alma crossed the plains with his family in 1848. They left from Winter Quarters, Nebraska on June 5
and arrived in the Salt Lake Valley September 20-24.

Alma married Charlotte in Salt Lake City on November 6, 1852.

They moved from Salt Lake to Leeds in 1865. In 1888, they moved to Wasatch County and settled on a
homestead in Daniels Creek, but sold out 2 years later and returned to Leeds.

Alma died in Leeds on June 12, 1911 and was buried on June 13 in the Leeds City Cemetery.

Charlotte died in Salt Lake City on May 27, 1916 and was buried in Plot F_11_2_4W of the
Salt Lake City Cemetery.


Alma's Parents and Siblings:
    Solomon Angell
    Eunice Clark Young Angell
        Sarah Elizabeth Angell
        Sarah Jane Angell
        Alma Truman Angell
        John Osborn Angell

        Albert Angell
        Mary Ann Angell
        George William Angell
        Lucy Caroline Angell
        William Henry Angell
        Emma Angell

(4/21/1806-9/20/1881)   (married 4/13/1928)
(2/24/1831-xx/xx/1905)   (married Jefferson Wright)
(5/28/1833-7/xx/1911)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(1/12/1834-6/12/1911)   (married Charlotte Buys)
(1/10/1836-12/22/1920)   (married Sarah Jane Mikesell
    and Prudence Sarah Ermina Cahoon)
(8/25/1839-12/1/1906)   (married Thirza Vilate Cahoon)
(11/22/1842-10/15/1936)   (married Samuel Lozene Ensign)
(xx/xx/1844-1/4/1922)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/~1845-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1847-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Charlotte's Parents and Siblings:
    Hyrum DeBaun Buys
    Elizabeth Huntington Buys
        Charlotte E. Buys
        Sara Buys
        Mary Buys
        Sarah Buys
        Edward Buys

        Amanda Buys

        Hyrum D. Buys
        Joseph Buys
        William Buys
        Elizabeth Buys

(10/22/1802-8/28/1855)   (married 3/27/1832)
(4/11/1835-5/24/1916)   (married Alma Truman Angell)
(12/15/1836-7/17/1877)   (married Robert Moss)
(2/14/1839-9/21/1905)   (married John McDaniel)
(10/22/1841-1/7/1914)   (married Celestia Clarissa Bromley
    and Margaret Hamilton)
(3/15/1844-8/4/1920)   (married George Barzee,
    Joseph Holbrook, and Samuel Clard)
(6/1/1846-8/4/1920)   (married Margaret Jane Moss)
(12/22/1852-11/27/1909)   (married Sarah Jane McDonald)
(3/12/1855-11/25/1926)   (married Archibald Sellars)

Alma & Charlotte's Family:
    Alma Truman Angell
    Charlotte E. Buys Angell
        Alma Truman Angell Jr.
        Roxa Emma Angell
        Sanford Armand Angell
        Emeretta Amanda Angell
        George Edward Angell
        Martha Ann Angell
        Henrietta M Angell
        Willard W Angell
        Charlotta Elizabeth Angell
        Helaman Buys Angell
        William Henry Angell

        Francis Marion Angell
        Luella May Angell
        Hyrum Damon Angell
        Leah Angell
        Lehi Angell
        Lulu Angell

(1/12/1834-6/12/1911)   (married 11/6/1852)
(2/13/1856-1/29/1932)   (married Elizabeth McDaniel)
(12/23/1857-6/27/1941)   (married Orrin Kelsey)
(2/6/1860-1/18/1928)   (married Rebecca Ann Wilkinson)
(2/19/1869-5/25/1936)   (married Hannah Elizabeth Myler)
(1/6/1871-3/14/1935)   (married Karen Cornetta Nielsen
    and Lydia Aby Perkins)
(8/8/1874-9/28/1951)   (married Alma Hilford Allred)


Alma Truman Angell
      Alma & Charlotte and a daughter
      Alma & Charlotte and a daughter


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