George & Rebecca Angell





George Edward Angell was born in Salt Lake City on February 6, 1860.

Rebecca Ann "Beckie" Wilkinson was born in Nephi, Juab County, Utah Territory on December 20, 1863.

The Alma & Charlotte Angell family moved from Salt Lake City to Fort Thomas, Graham County, Arizona Territory
sometime between 1865 and 1867. From there, there were called to help settle south Utah. They went first to
Long Valley and then Harrisburg before settling in Leeds by 1869.

George and Beckie were married in the St. George Temple on October 22, 1880. They first lived in
Taylor, Navajo, Arizona Territory.

From there, the family moved back to Leeds sometime between 1886 and 1888.

George died in Leeds on January 18, 1928 and was buried in the Leeds City Cemetery.

Beckie died in Hurricane on February 28, 1949 and was buried on March 3 in the Leeds City Cemetery.


George's Parents and Siblings:
    Alma Truman Angell
    Charlotte E. Buys Angell
        Alma Truman Angell Jr.
        Roxa Emma Angell
        Sanford Armand Angell
        Emeretta Amanda Angell
        George Edward Angell
        Martha Ann Angell
        Henrietta M Angell
        Willard W Angell
        Charlotta Elizabeth Angell
        Helaman Buys Angell
        William Henry Angell

        Francis Marion Angell
        Luella May Angell
        Hyrum Damon Angell
        Leah Angell
        Lehi Angell
        Lulu Angell

(1/12/1834-6/12/1911)   (married 11/6/1852)
(2/13/1856-1/29/1932)   (married Elizabeth McDaniel)
(12/23/1857-6/27/1941)   (married Orrin Kelsey)
(2/6/1860-1/18/1928)   (married Rebecca Ann Wilkinson)
(2/19/1869-5/25/1936)   (married Hannah Elizabeth Myler)
(1/6/1871-3/14/1935)   (married Karen Cornetta Nielsen
    and Lydia Aby Perkins)
(8/8/1874-9/28/1951)   (married Alma Hilford Allred)

Beckie's Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Wilkinson
    Rebecca Ann Denton Wilkinson  
        Rebecca Ann Wilkinson
        Charles Thomas Wilkinson

(10/14/1815-12/28/1890)   (married 1/xx/1862)
(12/20/1863-2/28/1949)   (married George Edward Angell)

George & Beckie's Family:
    George Edward Angell
    Rebecca Ann Wilkinson Angell
        George Edward Angell
        Xxxxxxx X. Angell
        Rebecca Ann Angell
        Jennie Angell
        Charles Wilkinson Angell
        Georgiana Angell
        Alma Truman Angell

        Victor Angell

        Winifred Angell
        Edna Angell

        Ross Angell
        Valhalla Angell
        Wayne Angell

        Virginia Angell

(2/6/1860-1/18/1928)   (married 10/22/1880)
(2/3/1886-5/11/1945)   (married Thomas Matthew Rees)
(4/4/1890-8/21/1972)   (married Ellen Maud Rees)
(4/20/1892-6/20/1987)   (married Byron DeMille Millet)
(3/9/1894-11/26/1977)   (married Estella Julia Sullivan
    and Jane Surgeoner Thomson)
(12/12/1896-4/25/1972)   (married Roxie Millet
    and Golda Myrtle Jolley)
(11/15/1899-11/12/1988)   (married Leonard Dalton
    and George Dewey Gifford)
(6/29/1902-11/24/1983)   (married Isabelle Sylvina DeMille)
(2/3/1904-1/26/1958)   (married Orrin Dalton and Xxxxx Boreman)
(5/3/1906-5/7/1986)   (married Katie LaPreal Evans
    and Marguerite Clotille Hovermale)
(8/23/1908-10/2/1992)   (married Oliver Granville Coxe)


George Edward Angell
WCHS-04233   George
      Rebecca Ann Wilkinson Angell
      WCHS-04234   Rebecca
      George Edward Angell
      WCHS-04235   George

Rebecca Ann Wilkinson
WCHS-04236   Rebecca
      Rebecca Ann Wilkinson Angell
      WCHS-04237   Rebecca


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