Cover of the Sandstone Quarry monograph



"The St. George Sandstone Quarry: Bringing History to Life"

by R. Wayne Pace, Ph.D.

This booklet reviews the history, location, and opening of the St. George Red Sandstone Quarry
for visitations and study.

Paperback, About 80 pages with 20 pages of color photographs
Published privately by the author
ISBN Number: 978-1-4621-1959-2

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This printed monograph can be purchased for $10.00 at:
- Dixie State University Bookstore, 2nd Floor, Gardner Center, DSU Campus
- Dixie/Arizona Strip Interpretive Association, Interagency Visitor Center, 345 East Riverside Drive, St. George
- Stapley Pharmacy Downtown, 102 East City Centre, St. George

A slightly updated version has been prepared. To view the text, click here.
An electronic version, formatted and with pictures, can be obtained from the Dixie Encampment Chapter
of the Sons of Utah Pioneers. Contact David Peterson at or (435)554-5618.


The St. George Sandstone Quarry monograph front and back covers



I   History of the Quarry Area

    Part A   Indians Pre-1854
    Part B   Indian Mission Reconnaissance 1854
    Part C   West Spring Water Source 1861
    Part D   Stone Quarry 1862-1875
    Part E   Indian Camping 1862-1890
    Part F   Indian Farm on Santa Clara 1890
    Part G   Copper Smelter 1890-1899
    Part H   Dodge’s Pond 1901-1907
    Part I     Ice Plant 1907-
    Part J   Civilian Conservation Corps 1930-1938
    Part K   Dixie Red Hills Golf Course 1964
    Part L   Sunstone Condominiums 1974
    Part M   Red Cliffs National Conservation Area 2009

II   St. George Sandstone Quarry

    Part A   The Quarry
    Part B   Location of the Quarry
    Part C   Actions at the Quarry Part D References to the Quarry

III   Opening the Quarry for Visits and Study

    Part A   Dixie Encampment Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers
    Part B   Civilian Conservation Corp
    Part C   Decisions about Moving Ahead with Project Stalled
    Part D   Continuing Disagreements

IV   Planning and Approval Processes

    Part A   Initial Approvals by Dixie Encampment Chapter
    Part B   Approval of Civilian Conservation Corps Worker Statue
    Part C   Initial Contact about Plaques
    Part D   Inquiry about City Approval
    Part E   Application for National SUP Approval
    Part F   Initial Local Approvals for the Project
    Part G   Preliminary Sketches of Entry
    Part H   Steps to Complete Quarry Project
    Part I     National SUP Approval
    Part J   Survey of Pathway to the Quarry
    Part K   Agreement with City to take Stones from the South Quarry
    Part L   Initial Plans for Publicity & Dedication

V   Fund Raising and In-kind Donations for the Project

    Part A   Preliminary Budget
    Part B   Contacts with Potential Donors
    Part C   Cancellation of the Civilian Conservation Corps Statue
    Part D   Publicity for the Quarry Project
    Part E   Extending the Approval Process
    Part F   Quarry Management Plan
    Part G   Changes in Financial Status

VI   Entry, Monument, Stairs & Pathway Construction

    Part A   Pre-Construction Meetings
    Part B   Arrival of Entry Post and Plaques
    Part C   Construction of Entry
    Part D   Movement of Stone for Stairs and Monument
    Part E   Construction of Monument at Quarry
    Part F   Installation of Steps to Habitat
    Part G   Construction of Pathway to Monument
    Part H   Installation of Post and Plaques at Quarry
    Part I     Installation of Post and Plaque on Owens Loop Trail

VII   Dedication Ceremony

    Part A   Creation of Invitations and Program Designs
    Part B   List of those to receive Special Invitations
    Part C   Physical Arrangements
    Part C   Dedication Services
    Part D   Stroll along the Quarry Pathway

VIII   Appendix

    Dedicatory Prayer

IX   Biographical Information

    R. Wayne Pace

    Richard R. Kohler
    David Peterson
    Larry Robinson
    Adam Hales

X   Acknowledgements and References