Hayden W. Church Home



St. George, Utah


43 West 100 South     (sometime 41 West 100 South)
St. George, UT 84770

Plat A, Block 11, Lot 7 on the old pioneer map of St. George.

37° 6' 22.57" North Latitude,   113° 35' 3.02" West Longitude
2,718 feet MSL

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This was an adobe structure consisting of four rooms, two on the ground floor and two upstairs. There was no staircase so the upper floor was accessed by a ladder on the outside of the house.

The outside of the house was plastered and pebble dashed.

Later additions included a cellar, kitchen, dining room, parlor, one bedroom downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, an upstairs deck, a front porch, and a bathroom.

The wide porch on the north and west of the house always boasted a hammock and chairs so that passerbys could join the family on the porch in the evening for visiting.

The architecture of this house denotes a definite Swiss influence.


Hayden Church built this home in approximately 1863.

Frank G. Miles purchased the home in 1898. He remodeled it after just two or three years. Miles added a cellar, kitchen, dining room, parlor, one bedroom downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, and an upstairs deck. The house was very lovely. The furniture was flowered velvet and had an ingrain carpet in the parlor as well as a piano. Instead of washing the woodwork, Mrs. Miles had the house painted every year. The entire year was spent cutting carpet rags so that a new carpet could be laid every year or two.

Still later, a front porch and bathroom were added. This was one of the first bathrooms in St. George. In fact, water had to be hauled in and the tub dumped.

Later still, a new kitchen added and the house was made into two apartments so married children that didn't have their own home had a place to live.

This home has remained in the Miles family ever since 1898. It is now owned by Mrs. Ross Douglas, one of the daughters of the family. Mrs. Douglas lives in the house and has redecorated it. But it still has the same structure. Two bathrooms have been added as well as utility rooms, and a carport on the west side apartment. This house has been painted charcoal grey and white trim with window shutters.


Hayden W. Church was an early pioneer. His was one of 26 families of the Swiss Company called to the Dixie Mission in 1861.

Frank G. Miles was a harness maker and a prominent church leader.




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