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Are You From Dixie?
Come To Utah's Dixie Land
Dearest Children, God Is Near You
Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains
Just For Now
Our Woodward Junior High
St. George
The Hills of Utah
Down in Ole' Bundyville


The Christmas carol, "Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains", was written and composed by John Menzies Macfarlane in St. George in 1869.

The Mormon hymn, "Dearest Children, God Is Near You", was written by Charles Lowell Walker and composed by John Menzies Macfarlane in St. George.

"Just For Now" was a song written by Roene Bigler DiFiore. It soon became an anthem for Dixie College and was always sung by Program Bureau for many programs and for sure at years end. Roene was loved by all her students and the community. She was a great lady who touched many lives.




"Come To Utah's Dixie Land"
Words and music by Eva L. Miles

Song: Our Woodward Junior High by Clara Woodhouse.

Dixie High School Songs from the Class of 1955 40-Year Reunion
Also see Pages 147-151 of the Dixie High School Class of 1955 50-Year Reunion Brochure

"Dixie College Song"
Words by Arthur K. Hafen and piano arrangement by Evelyn Thurston

Music Videos with Folksongs About the Zion Canyon and Springdale Areas
Red Rock Rondo: Rocks on Fire about the Zion Canyon Tunnel
Red Rock Rondo: Don Falvey Waltz based on a tune named after Zion's first chief ranger
Red Rock Rondo: When the Rooster Crows (Company's Coming) about the Leon Lewis farm in Springdale
Red Rock Rondo: Back & Forth (A Ghost Story) from Grafton
Red Rock Rondo: Hay-Colored Leaves about the Mulberry trees of Springdale

Song:   "St. George"
Words and music by Charlie Walker; sung by Rudger McArthur.
This audio recording was made by Austin E. Fife in St. George in 1947.
The song runs a minute and a half, followed by a 30 second explanation by Mr. McArthur:
    Charlie Walker was an early St. George pioneer and this song was dear to the hearts of the early settlers.
    It was often sung by Samuel L. Adams, Rudger McArthur's grandfather.
For the printed words, click here.

Song:   The Hills of Utah
Song from the movie, Stallion Canyon.
Written by Hy Heath and sung by Ken Curtis with Carolina Cotton and Shug Fisher.
See the accompanying YouTube notes for more information.

Songs from the book, "Rarer The Air: The Autobiography of Wilma Lorine Higbee Kemp"
Page 34:   "Arty"
Page 5:   "Chicken Pie"
Page 36:   "Grandmother's Old Armchair"
Page 65:   "Little Brown Brother"
Page 51:   "New Harmony"
Page 26:   "Porter Apples"
Page 185:   "Prunes"
Page 19:   "Shall We Gather At The River"
Page 24:   "There's A Long, Long Trail"
Page 64:   "Winter Wind"