Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


The LaVerkin Ward was organized in 1904 as part of the St. George Stake.

Its building, known as the White Chapel, was built one segment at a time beginning in 1925 and not completed until almost fifty years later.

The LaVerkin Ward became part of the newly organized Zion Park Stake on December 8, 1929. One ward was sufficient for seventy years. However by 1978, the population of LaVerkin had grown to over 1,000 and the LaVerkin Ward was split into the LaVerkin First and LaVerkin Second Wards. A new stake, the Hurricane North Stake, was created in 1981 with the two LaVerkin wards as its nucleus. The new stake offices were housed in Hurricane for a short time and then in the Virgin chapel. A new stake center was built in LaVerkin and when completed in 1984, the LaVerkin Utah Stake was created. It consisted of the two LaVerkin Wards, the Toquerville Ward, the Virgin Ward, and the Springdale Ward. The White Chapel continued to house the two LaVerkin Wards. The new stake center housed the stake offices, and in 1987 became the home of the newly formed LaVerkin Third Ward.


LaVerkin Church and School
Old LaVerkin Church Building (White Chapel)


LaVerkin Ward Bishops and Counselors
1904-1928:   Morris Wilson, Jr., Henry Gubler, Allen Stout, Loren Squire
1928-1931:   Ovando Gubler, Loren Squire, Lafell Iverson
1931-1942:   Vernon Church, Lafell Iverson, Wickley Gubler
1942-1945:   Loren Squire, H. Winferd Gubler, Leonard Hardy
1945-1949:   Horatio Gubler, Roland Webb, Karl Church
1949-1956:   Wayne Wilson, Ervil Sanders, Walter Church
1956-1962:   Lafell Iverson, Walter Segler, Kent Wilson, Wickley Gubler, Gerald Gifford
1962-1965:   Loren Squire, Wickley Gubler, Gerald Gifford, Sheldon Demille
1965-1973:   Reed Wilson, Sheldon DeMille, Thell Gubler
1973-1978:   Lloyd Howard, Kerry Gubler, Max Richan, Devar Gubler, Edward Reber, Craig DeMille, Lyman Gubler

LaVerkin First Ward Bishops and Counselors
1978-1984:   Kerry Gubler, Ben Wilkin, Lyman Gubler

LaVerkin Second Ward Bishops and Counselors
1978-1984:   Walter Church, Antone Hinton, LaMar Gubler