New Harmony, Utah


New Harmony, Utah


Brent Pace Prince found an interesting section in one journal dating back to 1913 when minutes of the Harmony Telephone Company were hand written in an old brown leather book. Shareholders had put money together to get phones in New Harmony. Prince photographed the pages and typed out the minutes for those meetings:
February 12, 1913
Pg 86 of Ledger
Minutes of meeting of the Harmony Telephone Company held the Co-op Store this day. Reese Davis in Chair, moved and carried that in as much as we had made arrangements with the Iron County Telephone Co. to put the Phone into our house that we do not change. Moved and carried that L. A. Pace superintentend the Telephone Line until Feb 12th 1914. L. A. Pace Supt.

June 5, 1913
Minutes of Telephone meeting held at the Co-op Store by ? A Pace in char. Moved and carried that we allow 25 centes for poles and 10 cents each for posts. We that and allowed 20 centes an hour for labor on the line. L. A. Pace was instucted to fix up each per and send it to the stockholders. Present Hry. A. Pace, A. F. Mathis, James E. Taylor, O. Kelsey and L. A. Pace Expenses of meeting 75 centes for uts etc.

Feb 5 1914
The stockholders of the Harmony Telephone line met at the Coop Store this date. The purpose of the meeting was to consider what we would charge the new member to attach their phone to our line. After going over the original cost of the line we concluded to tax the new member $3.50 each that amount will make them equal stock holders in the line; the new parties put their own lines in and the attachments so that will make us all equal share holder in the line. The new members are Harvey A. Pace, Francis Prince and George F. Prince. The money to be recieved from thes parties is to be divided equally between the eight share holders.




" New Harmony Phone Company in 1913"
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