WCHS-00522 Washington County Administration Building



(formerly the Washington County Courthouse)

St. George, Utah


Aerial view of the Washco County Administration Buildings     197 E. Tabernacle
    St. George, UT 84770
    Listings in the 1972 telephone book:
        673-3871     Agriculture and Home Agent
        673-2462     Assesor
        673-3126     Civil Defense
        673-2468     Clerk
        673-3852     District Judge
        673-3588     Division of Family Services
        673-4686     Health Department
        673-4981     Justice of the Peace
        673-4661     Juvenile Detention Center
        673-2267     Recorder
        673-3121     Sheriff and Jail
        673-4413     T V Department
        673-4056     Treasurer

    Plat A, Block 27, Lots 1 and 2 on the old pioneer map
    of St. George.

    37° 6' 30.32" North Latitude,   113° 34' 46.61" West Longitude
    37.1084° North Latitude,   113.5796° West Longitude
    2,741 feet (835 meters) MSL
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The building has 28,358 square feet of space on two floors.


This building was constructed on the site of the old Daniel D. McArthur home and the Thomas Punter Cottam

Construction took three years and was completed in January of 1966. This new Washington County Courthouse
was dedicated in March of 1966, replacing the Old Pioneer Courthouse.

In 1986, the State of Utah took over the court system which was moved to ... and this building became the
County Administration Building.

In addition to being a courthouse and a county administration building, this building has housed a juvenile jail,
county offices, and state agencies.

It is currently the main County Administration Building, but will soon be replaced by a New County
Adminstration Building.


Washington County Administration Building
WCHS-00521   Washington County Administration Building

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Historical Information About Buildings Owned by Washington County
An interview with Washington County Commissioner Dean Cox by Loren Webb, 1/25/2021