Front of the Big Arch Building



St. George, Utah


Aerial view of the Big Arch Building       155 West 100 North   (now St. George Blvd.)
      St. George, Utah 84770

      Plat A, Block 24, East Half of Lot 5 on the old pioneer map of St. George.
      The dome part of the building is on the east quarter of Lot 5.

      37° 6' 34.6" North Latitude,   113° 35' 11.8" West Longitude
      37.1096° North Latitude,   113.5866° West Longitude
      2,785 feet (950 meters) MSL


Ronald Nelson purchased this property from a Mr. Oates. Big arched wooden beams had been left on the property, so Nelson used then to construct a building with a big domed roof.

In 1960, Ronald Nelson purchased the Nelson Supply Company from his father, Wesley Alma Nelson. That business was moved from its 64 East 100 North location to the first floor of the Big Arch Building in the early 1960s.

The Big Dome Roller Rink was opened on the second floor of the building around 1963.

Other businesses in the building were the Big Arch Pawn Shop and Big Arch Taxi.

In 1985, Ronald Nelson sold the store and roller rink to WMS Famco. However, they defaulted on their loan and Nelson took back the building.

It was then sold to Mooney Durrant for his Bradshaw Auto Parts business. That business occupied the Big Arch Building for many years.

Later, it became the home of the Furniture Co.

The building is still standing.


Front of the Big Arch Building         Inside of the Big Arch Roller Rink


The Big Arch Pawn Shop and Big Arch Roller Rink are listed on page 85 of the 1972 telephone book.
The Big Arch Taxi is listed on page 86 of the 1972 telephone book.

Southern Utah Memories: Big Arch Roller Rink was a skater's paradise,
by Loren R. Webb,   July 5, 2013