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A series of six switchbacks are carved from the canyon floor 800 feet up to the west entrance of the main tunnel.

The main tunnel is 5,607 feet (1.1 miles) long. The tunnel has no artifical lighting.

Window-holes (called galleries) are cut out along the side of the tunnel. These holes provide air flow, light, and impressive views. During construction, they provided places to dump tunnel debris into the canyon below.

There is a much smaller tunnel a ways east of the main tunnel.


The new road through the park, including the Zion Tunnel was begun in 1927.

Engineers used mining techniques rather than traditional tunneling techniques. Construction of the tunnel was considered an engineering marvel and, at the time, it was the longest non-urban road-tunnel in the United States.

The tunnel was finished and opened on July 3, 1930. They held a dedication ceremony on July 4. All of the 48 state governors, except for New York's, were at a conference in Salt Lake City and came down for the dedication.

Today the tunnel is basically the same as it was upon its completion. However, because of the softness of the sandstone through which it passes, much reinforcing has been done and concrete ribs now give added support to the the tunnel's entire length.

Collapse of a sandstone pillar west of Gallery #3 in 1958 broke the top out of that gallery and flushed tons of debris into the tunnel, causing its closure for several weeks. Because of that collapse, the tunnel is now monitored electronically twenty-four hours a day to warn park officials to the danger of a reoccurrence.

In the spring of 1989, the National Park Service began an escort service (traffic control) to allow larger vehicles to pass through the tunnel. When such vehicles need to go through the tunnel, traffic is allowed only in one direction at a time.

On Friday, May 18, 2012, the Zion-Mount Carmel Road and Zion Tunnel were dedicated as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.


West Entrance of the main tunnel
West Entrance
        East Entrance of the main tunnel
        East Entrance

Outside of a window as seen from the switchbacks
Outside of a Window

        The short tunnel east of the main tunnel
        The Short Tunnel

Erie Air Shovel working on the tunnel
Erie Air Shovel Working on the Tunnel

        Tunnel section dug out near a window
        Tunnel Dug Near a Window

West end road under construction in the 1920s
West End Road Under Construction

        West end road
        West End Road

Visitors in one of the window parking areas
Visitors in a Window Parking Area

        Visitor looking at the view from the West Entrance
        Visitor Parked at the West Entrance

1958 collapse at one of the windows
1958 Collapse at a Window

WCHS photos:
WCHS-01121     Photo of work on the Zion tunnel
WCHS-01122     Photo of work on the Zion tunnel


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