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Photo WCHS-03653 (with labels)

Aerial photo of St. George
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Aerial photo of St. George, Utah with labels.
    A = Tabernacle
    B = 100 South
    C = 400 East
    D = 500 East
    E = 600 East
    F = St. George 5th and 6th Wards Chapel
    G = Mrs. Herman Larkin Home, 47 South 400 East, 227
    H = Virginia Boyack Home (son is Alan Boyack), 31 South 400 East, 362-W
    I = Dr. Wilford J. Reichmann Home, 410 East Tabernacle, 284
    J = Valentine McArthur Home (daughter is Elma Ann McArthur), 426 East Tabernacle, 365-J
    K = Arnold McArthur Home, 452 East Tabernacle, 35-M
    L = ???
    M = ???
    N = House rented by actress Eleanor Parker during the filming of a "The King and Four Queens".
        For an encounter between Clark Nelson and Eleanor Parker at this house,
        see Pages 106-108 of Clark's "From Curtis to Eleanor".
    O = Part of the John Nelson property ???
    P = John Nelson Home (son is Kenneth Nelson), 497 East 100 South, 348-R
    Q = ???
    R = Phil & Emily Foremaster Home, 492 East 100 South,
    S = ???
    T = ???
    U = Walter Pymm Home, 469 East 100 South, 362-M
    V = Wesley A. Nelson Home, 547 East 100 South, 121
    W = ???
    X = George Seegmiller Home, 406 East 100 South, 188-R
    Y = William D. & Minerva Oliphant Home (children: Richard, Willa, Ray, Leroy), 660 East 100 South, 164-M
    AA = St. George City Cemetery
    UP = A small home owned by a chiropractor

The yellow letters corresponding to the labels above are small and may be hard to read without zooming in.
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Photo taken by Don Graf and contributed by him on 2/28/2018 via his son, Dr. Jeffery Graf.
The camera is facing northeast (and down).
Slide A 840.