William & Vivian Swapp



(rancher, school teacher)


William Mirl Swapp (known at Bill Swapp) was born on March 1, 1919 in Provo, Utah. He received his early education in Provo and Alton, Utah and in California. He attended high school in St. George and graduated from Dixie Junior College in 1942 where he served as student body president his senior year.

Vivian Prince was born on October 4, 1921, in St. George. She received her early education in St. George, also graduating from Dixie Junior College in 1942.

Bill and Vivian met during their high school days at Dixie. They were married in the St. George Temple on October 10, 1942.

While attending college, Bill obtained his private pilot, commercial pilot, and flight instructor licenses. Clark Nelson remembers Bill taking him for his first airplane ride in a Piper Cub in 1942. Bill joined the Army Air Corps and served his time in World War II as a flight instructor.

Vivian traveled with Bill during World War II while he was in the Army Air Corps. They returned to St. George in 1945 where Vivian worked for the telephone company.

They returned to the family ranch owned by Bill's uncle, Melvin Curtis Swapp. It was about 8 miles south of Hatch Utah, straddling the border between Garfield and Kane Counties. Bill worked with his father and brother in the sheep business until 1957.

In 1957, Bill & Vivian moved to Logan, Utah. Bill graduated from USU with bachelor and master degrees in education. He taught at Logan High for two years then in the Cache County School District until he retired in 1983. Vivian graduated from USU in June of 1961. She taught school at North Cache and Sky View until she retired in 1985.

Bill died on March 13, 1994 in Logan, Utah. He was buried in Plot B_9_4_1 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Vivian died on November 8, 1999 in Logan, Utah. She was also buried in the St. George City Cemetery.


Bill's Parents and Siblings:
    William Jolley Swapp
    Claudia Priscilla Little Swapp
        Garn Little Swapp
        Wilma J Swapp
        Verla Swapp
        William Mirl Swapp

(9/2/1879-11/21/1957)   (married xx/xx/xxxx; brother of Melvin Curtis Swapp)
(9/21/1908-6/22/1996)   (married Irene Brown)
(9/19/1910-12/3/1982)   (married Reed Lee Barber)
(6/4/1912-6/16/2004)   (married Melrose A. Carson)
(3/1/1919-3/13/1994)   (married Vivian Prince)

Vivian's Parents and Siblings:
    Joseph William Prince
    Mary Isabelle Williams Prince  
        Vivian Prince

(8/23/1877-10/5/1950)   (married 12/10/1919)
(10/4/1921-11/9/1999)   (married William Mirl Swapp)

Bill & Vivian's Family:
    William Mirl Swapp
    Vivian Prince Swapp
        Francena Nora Willetto
            Steven William Sandoval
            Sara Vivian Sandoval
            Logan Scott Sandoval

(3/1/1919-3/13/1994)   (married 10/10/1942)
(2/14/1962-8/2/2014)   (foster child; married Eddie Lee Sandoval)




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