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Victoria Louise "Vicki" Van Meter was born March 13, 1982 in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. She grew up there and took her first flying lesson at the age of 10.

In September 1993, at the age of 11, Vicki was the youngest female pilot to fly across the United States. She flew a Cessna 172 2,900 miles from Augusta ME to San Diego CA.

In June 1994, at the age of 12, she flew across the Atlantic in a single engine Cessna 210 from Augusta ME to Glasgow Scotland. She then continued on to London England, Paris France, and Frankfurt Germany on a goodwill tour.

After her flights, Vicki spoke across the country to people of all ages encouraging them to follow their dreams. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree, summa cum laude, from Edinboro University in Edinboro PA. After graduating, she served in the United States Peace Corps in the country of Moldova, taking pride in personal sacrifice and hard work. Vicki was an animal rights advocate, and an environmentalist, as well as a supporter of women’s and children’s rights.

Vicki enjoyed hiking in the red rocks and canyons of southern Utah where her family now resides.

Sadly, Vicki passed away on March 13, 2008, but the inspiration that she brought to others through her amazing accomplishments at such a young age still lives on.


Parents and Siblings:
    James "Jim" Van Meter
    Corinne Van Meter
        Elizabeth Van Meter
        Daniel Van Meter
        Victoria "Vicki" Van Meter


Vicki Van Meter statue       Vicki Van Meter statue
Vicki Van Meter plaque       Vicki Van Meter plaque

This statue is in the lobby of the St. George Municipal Airport


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