Oliver DeMille



(early settler, church leader)


In the fall of 1861, Brigham Young called a group of people to leave Sanpete County and go to settle in southern Utah. This group included Oliver DeMille and his wives and children. DeMille purchased some land along a small creek from an old Paiute Indian chief named Shunes (or Shones). A town site was laid out and a settlement commenced which the people called Shunesburg or Shonesburg and sometimes Shuensburg or Shirensburg.

Shunesburg was always closely tied to Rockville. Until about 1865, the people of Shunesburg had no ward of their own and would travel the six miles to Rockville for religious services. Then Oliver DeMille was called as the Presiding Elder in Shunesburg and John J. Allred was made superintendent of the Sunday Schools. This ecclesiastical organization lasted for about three decades.

Over the years as the flooding of the river washed away farmland, the Shunesburg settlers moved on, mostly to Rockville. Shunesburg was gradually abandoned. By the year 1900, only Oliver DeMille was left and even he moved to Rockville in 1902.


Parents and Siblings:
    Freeborn de Mille
    Anna Knight DeMille
        Mariah DeMill
        Orpha DeMill
        Lora Ann DeMill
        Oliver DeMill
        Adelia DeMill
        Elias DeMill
        Lavinia Esther DeMill

(3/3/1795-1/23/1881)   (married 3/11/1819)
(5/12/1820-3/25/1889)   (married Daniel Buckley Funk Sr.)
(12/24/1822-10/29/1846)   (married Perry Dewain Davis)
(6/2/1828-4/6/1870)   (married Samuel Kendall Gifford)
(3/30/1830-7/8/1908)   (married as shown below)
(9/29/1832-12/20/1917)   (married John Prichard Squire)
(1/12/1838-7/21/1905)   (married Melvina Winget)
(5/13/1843-3/13/1880)   (married John Alma Beal)

First Wife:
    Rachel Gifford DeMill

(2/21/1829-2/14/1846)   (married 2/14/1945)

Seecond Wife and Children:
    Emily Almina Beal DeMill
        Olive Emily DeMill
        Oliver DeMill Jr.
        Orpha Almina DeMill
        Ozro DeMill
        Oscar DeMill

        Ida Sylvina DeMill
        Ira DeMill
        Benjamin Franklin DeMill  
        Levi Garrison DeMill
        Anna Mariah DeMill

        Roswell DeMill
        Anna DeMill

(3/29/1839-11/3/1905)   (married 5/13/1855)
(1/25/1857-3/10/1913)   (married Franklin Charles Stevens Sr.)
(4/25/1859-7/26/1938)   (married Harriet Sylvania Millett)
(4/1/1862-3/22/1909)   (married Joseph Millett Jr.)
(11/29/1863-12/7/1942)   (married Lillie Cecelia Bliss)
(11/21/1866-1/21/1946)   (married Emily Permelia Beal
    and Emily Josephine Higgins)
(12/3/1868-8/16/1941)   (married Byron Glines Millett)
(4/17/1871-1/5/1918)   (married Clara Dennett)
(7/26/1873-8/21/1944)   (married Georgianna Viola Sullivan)
(11/29/1876-1/24/1950)   (married Cora Elvira Farnes)
(10/31/1878-5/12/1960)   (married John Lyman Webb
   and Joseph Edward Petty)
(10/1/1881-2/19/1955)   (married Valerie Stout)
(11/9/1887-2/15/1947)   (married Charles Merrill Hall)

Third Wife and Children:
    Fidelia Winget DeMill
        Ada Elvira DeMill
        Melvina DeMill
        Almeda DeMill
        Melbourne DeMill
        Adlinda DeMill
        Jesse DeMill
        Adelia DeMill

(12/18/1847-11/2/1931)   (married 6/13/1865)
(2/23/1869-2/4/1948)   (married Newell Knight Beal)
(4/11/1874-6/1/1902)   (married Edgar Alonzo Beal)
(7/5/1877-4/21/1950)   (married Jennie Petty)
(12/17/1878-11/3/1963)   (married Arthur Wright Hall)
(6/21/1882-4/29/1964)   (married Zilpha Genet Petty)
(2/6/1885-9/11/1906)   (married Nathan Alma Petty)

Fourth Wife and Child:
    Rebecca Jane Allred DeMill  
        Mary Jane DeMill

(12/11/1849-2/26/1899)   (married 10/10/1865)
(3/25/1868-8/19/1936)   (married George Curtis Estes,
    Andrew Jackson Kadie, and Samuel Morris Rowley)


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