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Horatio Pickett was born in Winter Quarters/Florence, Douglas County, Nebraska on May 10, 1848.

Harriet Josephine Johnson was born in Pottawattamie County, Iowa on July 17, 1850.

Horatio and Harriet were married in St. George on May 31,1868.

Philena Hunt was born in St. George on November 26, 1871.

Horatio operated a lumber yard, furniture business, and carpentry shop in St. George. He worked on the
Temple and Tabernacle and was the first mortician in town. He was also a lawyer, justice of the peace, and
school board member. For 30 years, Pickett directed a choir. He loved to play the fiddle.

Harriet died in St. George on December 19, 1892 and was buried in Plot A_B_29_2
of the St. George City Cemetery.

Horatio and Philena were married in St. George on August 8, 1895.

Horatio died in St. George on December 21, 1918 and was buried on December 22 in Plot A_B_30_2_WH
of the St. George City Cemetery.

Philena died in the Pickett home in St. George on July 27, 1939. She was buried in Plot A_B_29_5
of the St. George City Cemetery.


Horatio's Parents and Siblings:
    William Pickett Sr.
    Susanna Mehitable Rogers Pickett  
        Horatio Pickett

(11/2/1816-4/2/1891)   (married xx/xx/1847)
(5/10/1848-12/21/1918)   (married as shown below)

Harriet's Parents and Siblings:
    Joseph Ellis Johnson Sr.
    Harriet Eloise Snider Johnson
        Mary Julia Johnson
        Eliza Antonetta Johnson
        Joseph Ellis Johnson Jr.
        John Ezekiel Edgar Johnson
        Harriet Josephine Johnson
        Joel Elmer Johnson Sr.

        Diadamia Wheeler Johnson

        Martha Aurelia Johnson

        Blanche Alpine Johnson

        Benjamin Willard Johnson

(4/28/1817-12/17/1882)   (married 8/25/1840)
(9/24/1841-12/20/1928)   (married Heber John Richards)
(7/17/1850-12/19/1892)   (married Horatio Pickett)
(7/14/1853-6/11/1912)   (married Mary Elizabeth Hastings
    and Lillie Ann Phillips)
(6/22/1856-12/28/1899)   (married Thomas W. Canning
    aka James Harlow Carlton)
(6/28/1859-10/29/1900)   (married Warren Wilford Hardy
    and Joseph Weight Deck)
(3/15/1862-12/8/1940)   (married George William Aikens,
    William Lycurgus Akers, and Alvin Zelotus Holmes)
(12/13/1866-10/6/1939)   (married Sarah May Weller)

Philena's Parents and Siblings:
    Isaac Hunt
    Ann Newling Hunt
        William James Hunt
        Martha Ann Hunt
        Alma Moroni Hunt
        George Holmes Hunt
        Elizabeth Mary Hunt
        Isaac Hunt Jr.
        Julia Lucinda Hunt
        Susie Matilda Hunt
        Philena Hunt

(1/9/1829-12/21/1904)   (married 3/27/1853)
(12/30/1854-8/9/1921)   (married Anna Elese Schmutz)
(12/11/1856-3/20/1944)   (married William Alanson Terry)
(10/25/1858-4/7/1920)   (married Rosetta Schmutz)
(6/23/1860-4/25/1925)   (married Orpha Maria Fuller)
(12/11/1864-3/22/1951)   (married Almira Kelsey)
(7/1/1869-1/18/1957)   (married Otis Lysander Terry)
(11/26/1871-7/27/1939)   (married Horatio Pickett)

First Wife and Children:
    Harriet Josephine Johnson Pickett
        Horatio Pickett
        Josephine Pickett

        Harriet Pickett
        Martha Pickett
        Mary Pickett
        Susanna Pickett
        Leo Rogers Pickett
        Blanche Pickett
        Huron Pickett
        Henry Pickett
        Ellis Johnson "E.J." Pickett
        Charles Edgerton Pickett

(7/17/1850-12/19/1892)   (married 5/31/1868)
(8/19/1871-1/13/1970)   (married Charles Adelbert Workman
    and William Arthur Fawcett)
(9/9/1873-12/26/1964)   (married Arthur Hartley Woodbury Sr.)
(1/14/1877-9/21/1964)   (married Henry Wickley Gubler)
(3/11/1879-8/6/1979)   (married Elizabeth Amelia Monk)
(6/19/1885-5/2/1975)   (married Agnes Squire)
(12/4/1887-8/12/1971)   (married Ruth Morris)
(6/5/1890-3/20/1978)   (married Jayne Simpson Walkingshaw)

Second Wife and Children:
    Philena Hunt Pickett
        Philena Pickett
        Ann Pickett
        Paul Pickett
        Jesse Pickett
        LaVerne Pickett

        Una Pickett

(11/26/1871-7/27/1939)   (married 8/8/1895)
(5/22/1896-9/5/1983)   (married Orson Charles Hall)
(7/3/1897-8/28/1991)   (married Alvin Hall)
(8/12/1900-1/9/1970)   (married Christina Reber)
(3/5/1906-8/20/1988)   (married William Arthur Deswan
    and William Malin Cox)


Horatio Pickett
Horatio Pickett
      Harriet Josephine Johnson Pickett
      Harriet Josephine Johnson Pickett
      Philena Hunt Pickett
      Philena Hunt Pickett

Horatio & Harriet Pickett Family
Horatio & Harriet Pickett Family   (about 1890-1891)     (for the names of the people in the photo, click here)

Horatio Pickett Family
Horatio Pickett Family   (probably Summer 1910)     (for the names of the people in the photo, click here)


Biography of Horatio Pickett
By Douglas M. Cox, December 1993

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