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Henry James Maudsley was born on January 31, 1834 in Accrington, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom.

Maria Sophia Fuhrmeister was born on February 1, 1845 in Dardesheim, Halberstadt, Saxony, Prussia,

It looks the the Fuhrmeister name was changed to Foremaster about the time that family came to the America
in 1848. Also, it looks like Maria started going my Mary. These details should be researched.

After Henry arrived in Salt Lake City, Brigham Young introduced him to Sophia Martha Fuermeister, a recent
convert and immigrant from Prussia. After a brief courtship, they were married in Salt Lake on July 21, 1860.

They lived in Salt Lake City, Richfield, St. Thomas, Orderville, Pine Valley, and finally settled the Maudsley Ranch
in 1878.

Henry died at the Maudsley Ranch on January 14, 1908 and was buried January 15 in Plot A_A_8_3_SH of the
St. George City Cemetery.

Mary died in St. George on November 30, 1930 and was buried December 1 in Plot A_A_8_1 of the St. George
City Cemetery


Henry's Parents and Siblings:
    Sutcliffe Maudsley
    Elizabeth Foxcroft Maudsley
        Christopher William Maudsley
        Peter Ashworth Maudsley
        Hannah Maudsley
        Henry James Maudsley
        Mariner Greenlach Maudsley

        Elinor Jane Maudsley
        Agnes Ann Maudsley
        Mary Elisabeth Maudsley
        Sutcliff Smith Maudsley
        Joseph Samuel Maudsley
        Eliza Emma Maudsley
        Lehi Moroni Maudsley
        Emily Antoinette Maudsley

(5/10/1809-11/29/1881)   (married 6/13/1830)
(2/17/1831-1/19/1888)   (married Ellen J Nolan)
(xx/xx/1833-12/7/1923)   (married John Mawdsley)
(1/31/1834-1/14/1908)   (married Mary Sophia Foremaster)
(10/20/1835-9/22/1902)   (married Amanda Malvina Campbell
    and Mary Bradley)
(1/15/1838-9/11/1857)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(12/25/1844-5/24/1931)   (married Sarah Mazetta Dunn)
(12/9/1846-11/17/1941)   (married Norman Calvin White)
(1/25/1852-12/17/1915)   (married James Culverwell Jr)

Maria's Parents and Siblings:
    Friedrick William Christoph
            "Fritz" Fuhrmeister

    Christina Sophia Magdalena Lindau
        Henerietta Fredericka Fuhrmeister  
        Maria Sophia Fuhrmeister
        Fredrick Christoph Henoch
        Franz Friedrich Foremaster
        Albert Charles Foremaster

        Wilhelm Foremaster
        Martha Magdalene Foremaster
        Isobella Henrietta Foremaster
        Elizabeth Louise Foremaster
        David Joseph Foremaster
        Ephraim Joseph Foremaster
        Josephine Foremaster

(1/2/1821-7/4/1892)   (married 8/24/1844)


(2/1/1845-11/29/1930)   (married Henry James Maudsley)

(1/9/1853-4/27/1919)   (married Mary Ann Lang
    and Sarah Ida Wiltbank)
(3/24/1857-9/27/1927)   (married Samuel Bennett)
(3/11/1863-1/13/1899)   (married Mary Elizabeth Stratton)
(10/7/1865-5/5/1953)   (married Ida Pugsley Lang)
(12/5/1867-3/24/1910)   (married Nephi Miles Savage)

Henry & Mary's Family:
    Henry James Maudsley
    Mary Sophia Foremaster Maudsley
        Agnes Ann Maudsley
        Elizabeth Mary Maudsley
        Amanda Antionette Maudsley
        Sutcliff Henry Maudsley
        Albert Frederick Maudsley
        Fidelia Ellen Maudsley

        Fredrick William Maudsley
        Joseph Ephraim Maudsley

        Sophia Martha Maudsley
        Isabelle Josephine Maudsley

        William Mariner Maudsley
        Mary Ann Maudsley
        Henry James Maudsley

(1/31/1834-1/14/1908)   (married 7/21/1860)
(8/31/1864-6/8/1949)   (married Hyrum Smith Prisbrey)
(2/25/1867-2/18/1924)   (married Hyrum Smith Prisbrey)
(3/11/1873-4/7/1954)   (married William Benjamin Baker
    and William George Simmons)
(6/26/1876-1/7/1971)   (married Mary Ann Anderson,
    Wilhelmina Gray Scott, Bertha Tyresha Van Noy,
    and Arsenith Gifford)
(5/10/1879-8/2/1917)   (married William Snow Cox)
(4/4/1881-12/28/1979)   (married Elias Enoch Kemp,
    Charles Josiah Cal, and Reuben Albert Perkes)
(6/22/1883-4/7/1920)   (married Arsenith Gifford)


Henry & Mary Maudsley
Henry & Mary Maudsley
      Henry Maudsley
      Henry Maudsley
      Mary Maudsley
      Mary Maudsley


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