Henry Clifford Clark



(Silver Reef gambler)


Henry Clifford Clark was born March 13, 1853 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

By 1870, Henry was living with his parents and brother James in Grass Valley, California. His father was a carman, James was a quartz miner, and Henry worked in the quartz mill. His sister and her family lived next door; his brother-in-law was also a quartz miner. The Clark family followed the rough mining districts east to Pioche, Nevada and then to Silver Reef in the Utah Territory.

Henry became a very well-known gambler. His young life came to an end during a card game in the faro room of Cassidy's Saloon in Silver Reef on Sunday, December 1, 1878.

It appears that there had been a grudge between Sykes Griffen, the dealer, and Henry Clark for some time. On this occasion, the trouble was caused by Sykes refusing to receive "jawbone" bets from Henry. While it is not exactly clear what happened, it appears that Sykes drew his pistol and fired at Henry. Henry was hit and fell dead almost immediately. Sykes fell on top of him and Jimmy Clark (Henry’s brother) onto Sykes. While the parties were down, Sykes was shot in the ankle and hip and his skull fractured by blows from some kind of weapon. He lived for part of the day on Sunday, but was not not sensible from the time of the occurrence until his death.

Several parties were present during the fracas, but they declined to say anything about it, claiming that there was so much powder-smoke in the room that they could not see who inflicted the injuries on Sykes. Supposition was that, as both of the Clark boys were unarmed, Jimmy took away Sykes' pistol and did the business. Jimmy Clark was arrested and held under $1,500 bail.

Henry was buried in the Silver Reef Catholic Cemetery. His Dad had a handsome monument erected and enclosed his son's grave in a beautiful iron filigree rectangle, shipped from Russia.


Parents and Siblings:
    John Richard Clark
    Esther Clifford Clark
        Annie Marie Clark
        James Edward "Jimmy" Clark  
        Henry Clifford Clark

(xx/xx/1820-xx/xx/1880)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(12/18/1848-7/xx/1910)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(9/25/1850-1/13/1906)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)


Henry Clifford Clark
      Henry Clark's Grave


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Henry Clifford Clark
A research report by Elaine Young, PhD.

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