George Henry Crosby



(sheriff, bishop)


George Henry Crosby was born in Clinton, Kennebec County, Maine October 25, 1846.

George came to Utah with his parents, arriving September 20, 1847. They came down to St George in 1861.

Crosby was a deputy sheriff in Washington County under Sheriff David H. Cannon. He was elected sheriff in August of 1867 and took the oath of office sometime later after reaching his 21st birthday. He served as sheriff until August of 1869.

In 1869, Brother Crosby was called as the first bishop of Hebron and served in that capacity for 8 years.

Then Pres. Erastus Snow called him to be bishop of the Leeds Ward where he served from January of 1878 to 1886. Pres. Snow said he needed a strong man to lead a ward that included the mining town of Silver Reef.

From 1886 to 1915, Crosby filled a number of pioneering and church assignments at various places in Arizona and Utah.

George returned to Dixie in the fall of 1915 where he worked in the temple and spent the rest of his life.

George died of heart failure at his home in St. George on October 8, 1916. His health had been failing for some time. Funeral services were held on October 13 in the St. George Tabernacle and he was buried in Plot A_D_45_6_EH of the St. George City Cemetery.


Parents and Siblings:
    Jesse Wentworth Crosby
    Hannah Elida Baldwin Crosby  
        George Henry Crosby
        Jesse Wentworth Crosby Jr.

        Samuel Obed Crosby
        Hannah Elida Crosby
        Thankful Amelia Crosby
        Joseph Baldwin Crosby
        Mary Elizabeth Crosby
        Hannah Ann Crosby
        Joshua Alma Crosby

(11/25/1820-6/11/1893)   (married 11/23/1845)
(10/25/1846-10/10/1916)   (married as shown below)
(6/22/1848-2/24/1915)   (married Sarah Pauline Clark,
    Anna Maria Davis, Sarah Francis Jacobs, and Sarah Ann Meeks)
(8/26/1849-3/24/1903)   (married Hannah Adelia Bunker)
(12/30/1854-9/20/1919)   (married Erastus Beamon Snow)
(4/30/1856-5/23/1905)   (married Allen Frost II)
(12/15/1857-9/7/1896)   (married Emily Maude Johnson)
(1/29/1863-3/18/1909)   (married Lena Albertina Mathis)

First Wife and Children:
    Sarah Hannah Brown Crosby
        Benjamin Brown Crosby
        George Henry Crosby, Jr.
        William Hanson Crosby
        Lorenzo John Crosby
        Sarah Amelia Crosby
        Jesse Edward Crosby
        John Alma Crosby
        Charles Wilkinson Crosby
        Albert Walker Crosby
        Heleman Crosby
        Frances Crosby
        Frank Crosby

(8/18/1851-7/30/1932)   (married 4/5/1869)
(12/24/1869-2/23/1945)   (married Waity Ann Slade)
(2/29/1872-1/18/1938)   (married Martha J. Miller)
(2/23/1875-2/20/1904)   (married Mary Ann Wiltbank)
(3/18/1878-9/29/1950)   (married William Ellis Wiltbank)
(3/31/1880-3/31/1931)   (married Ruth Natalie Crause)
(8/9/1882-7/4/1918)   (married Alice G. Lesueur)
(10/8/1884-10/7/1947)   (married Ida Miles)
(11/25/1886-11/30/1983)   (married Carrie Belle Rencher)

Second Wife and Children:
    Amelia Leany Crosby
        Frederick Crosby
        Elizabeth Crosby

(2/21/1858-3/2/1913)   (married 5/2/1885)
(9/21/1888-11/15/1954)   (married Effie Heap)
(6/19/1893-12/2/1916)   (married William Clayton Partridge)

Third Wife:
    Mary Etta Foster Lake

(7/4/1862-8/14/1918)   (married 1/7/1916)


George Henry Crosby
George and Sarah


History of George Henry Crosby, Sr.

The George Henry Crosby family
by Della Crosby Smith
Austin, Texas: Historical Publications, 1998
306 pp
Also available on microfilm
Includes the Brown, Leany, Heap, Snow, Wiltbank and related families.

George Henry Crosby, Sr.
Annals of Wyoming,   Volume 11, Number 3, July 1939,   Page 146

George Henry Crosby
The Deseret News,   Saturday,   March 31, 1923,   Section 3, Page 8

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