George Alonzo Jones



(ranch hand and sheep herder)


George Alonzo Jones was born April 8, 1867 in Rockville, Utah. When he was still a baby, his family moved to Grafton. From the ages of 12 to 17, George worked as a ranch hand at several locations in the Dixie area.

Clara Isabell Wilson was born September 16, 1878 in Millville, Cache County, Utah.

George & Clara were married in the St. George Temple on February 22, 1898.

George served a mission in Kentucky from November 8, 1899 until December 27, 1902.

Upon returning home, George herded sheep for the next 25 years.

Clara died November ??, 1918 in LaVerkin and was buried in plot H7 of the LaVerkin City Cemetery.

George spent his final years in the Truman Rest Home in St. George. He died there on August 26, 1960. A funeral was held in LaVerkin on August 27 and was buried in plot H6 of the LaVerkin City Cemetery.


George's Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Henry Jones
    Viola Maria Russell Jones
        Charles Alvin Jones
        George Alonzo Jones
        Philetus David Jones
        Nancy Lavinia Briggs Jones  
        John Franklin Jones

(8/30/1836-4/30/1903)   (married 12/21/1862)
(3/18/1863-9/4/1946)   (married Harriet Spendlove)
(4/8/1867-8/26/1960)   (married Clara Isabell Wilson)
(1/13/1876-3/12/1958)   (married Annie Laura Stout)
(8/10/1884-4/25/1970)   (married Hilda Mae Coleman)

Clara's Parents and Siblings:
    Morris Wilson
    Sarah Elizabeth Isom Wilson
        Katherine Eliz Wilson
        Morris Wilson, Jr.
        Sarah Amelia Wilson
        Clara Isabell Wilson
        William Franklin Wilson
        Elizabeth Annie Wilson
        Ellen Amanda Wilson
        Howard Wilson

(11/24/1845-12/15/1930)   (married 12/25/1872)
(9/13/1874-3/10/1955)   (married Minnie Ann Stratton)
(10/25/1876-2/12/1968)   (married William Sanders)
(9/16/1878-11/xx/1918)   (married George Alonzo Jones)
(10/8/1880-5/16/1955)   (married Ivie Anna Stout)
(10/18/1882-6/28/1921)   (married William Thaddeus Ballard)
(11/14/1884-10/20/1977)   (married Joseph May)
(9/25/1892-1/19/1951)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

George & Clara's Family:
    George Alonzo Jones
    Clara Isabell Wilson Jones
        Morris Jones
        Mildred Ivy Jones
        Whitney Jones
        Onie Jones
        George Marvin Jones
        Floyd Jones
        Stella Jones
        Kenneth Jones

(4/8/1867-8/26/1960)   (married 2/22/1898)
(2/24/1900-5/22/1932)   (married Harold Taylor)
(9/15/1902-8/25/1968)   (married Ella Duncan)
(4/28/1905-12/29/1988)   (married Alma D. LeBaron and Clifford Ruesch)
(11/19/1907-12/22/1981)   (married Josephine Theobald)
(12/19/1914-7/7/2001)   (married Lynn Marie Watson)
(4/6/1917-8/27/1957)   (married Lula Morgan Barney)


George Alonzo Jones
      Clara Isabell Wilson Jones


George Alonzo Jones
A biography by Josephine T. Jones

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