Brigham James Lund



(merchant, farmer)


Brigham James Lund was born December 14, 1854 in Salt Lake City.

Brigham was eight years old when he arrived in St. George with his family.

Brigham James Lund and Rosilla Polly Branch were married in the St. George Temple on September 12, 1881.
They lived in Silver Reef during its boom years and started to raise a family there.
Brigham worked for Wooly, Lund, & Judd (Robert Lund was his brother; Thomas Judd was his brother-in-law, wife of his sister Millie).

In the early 1890s, the Lunds moved back to St. George.
Brigham farmed in the Washington Fields.

With the coming of the railroad to Modena (Iron County) around 1899, Brigham set up a business partnering with friends, E. M. Brown and Joe Price. They did freight forwarding and related support businesses. Eventually Brigham bought out his two partners and in 1903 incorporated the business as B. J. Lund & Company. He opened stores in both Modena and Enterprise. That business is still operating today.

Brigham died in his sleep on September 18, 1905 in Veyo. He was accompanying his brother, Robert, from Modena to St. George, a 2-day journey. He was buried in Plot B_7_15_2 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Rosilla died on July 19, 1933 and was buried in Plot B_7_15_3, next to Brigham, in the St. George City Cemetery on July 21.


The documents referenced below have major discrepancies in this family's genealogy.
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[This is the genealogy from Find-A-Grave]

Brigham's Parents and Siblings:
    Wilson Lund
    Eliza Ann Brace Lund
        William Wilson Lund
        Brigham James Lund
        Fanny Emma Lund
        Eliza Ann Lund
        Ellen Sophia Lund

(2/9/1815-7/26/1889)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(6/12/1852-4/13/1918)   (married Annie Elesebeth Wiltbank)
(12/14/1854-9/18/1905)   (married Rosilla Polly Branch)
(2/23/1865-3/13/1919)   (married Reubin Joseph Farnsworth)
(6/21/1868-1/17/1947)   (married Stephen Alma Barton)

Rosilla's Parents and Siblings:
    William Henry Branch Sr.
    Emily Cornelia Atwood Branch  
        William Henry Branch
        Eugene Elisha Branch
        Rosilla Polly Branch
        Candice Louisa Branch
        Richard C. Branch
        Olive Branch
        Jennie Branch
        Frank Branch
        Ella Irene Branch

(8/9/1820-9/19/1889)   (married 11/19/1844)
(8/23/1851-7/11/1930)   (married Hephzibah Caroline Hirst)
(8/19/1854-10/29/1906)   (married Jane Blake)
(11/5/1858-7/19/1933)   (married Brigham James Lund)
(9/24/1874-2/11/1904)   (married Mary Ellen Averett)
(12/19/1878-3/9/1963)   (married Martin Horton Graham and Herbert West Millburn)
(3/6/1881-11/7/1943)   (married Elbert L. Thomas and Gerald Call Sebring)
(6/11/1890-3/10/1973)   (married Don Carlos Woodward, Jr. and Albert Daniel Keller)

Brigham & Rosilla's Family:
    Brigham James Lund
    Rosilla Polly Branch Lund
        William J. Lund, Sr.
        Rozella Lund
        Margaret Lund
        Mary Lund
        Robert Lund

(12/14/1854-9/18/1905)   (married 9/12/1881)
(6/16/1884-5/19/1942)   (married Alice Knell Lund)
(4/12/1888-3/27/1967)   (married George Ernest Hills)
(7/10/1897-7/6/1983)   (married Jedidiah Keith McArthur and Hiram Neil Longbrake)

[This is a list of Brigham & Rosilla's children from the Angela Lynn McArthur website]

Brigham James Lund, b. 18 Oct 1882, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 30 Jun 1883.
Minnie Lund, b. 20 Apr 1886, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 19 May 1942.
Rosilla Lund, b. 12 Apr 1888, Silver Reef, Washington, Utah, d. 29 Mar 1967.
Eliza Lund, b. 01 Aug 1890, Silver Reef, Washington, Utah, d. Apr 1964.
Thomas Lund, b. 19 Apr 1892, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 19 Mar 1947, Cedar City, Iron, Utah.
Margarett Lund, b. 01 Feb 1894, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 17 Nov 1896.
Mary Lund, b. 10 Jul 1897, St. George, Washington, Utah29, d. 06 Sep 198329.
Robert Lund, b. 26 Nov 1898, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 28 Nov 1898.
Cornelia Lund, b. 09 Jan 1900, St. George, Washington, Utah, d. 13 Apr 1967.

[This is a list of Brigham & Rosilla's children from the Lamar Lund history]

Brigham James Lund,   10/18/1882-6/20/1886
William Lund,   6/16/1884-
Minnie Lund,   4/20/1886-9/7/1887
Rosilla Lund,   4/12/1888-
Eliza Lund,   8/1/1890-
Thomas Lund,   4/19/1892-
Margaret Lund,   2/1/1894-11/17/1896
Mary Lund,   7/10/1897-
Robert Lund,   11/26/1898-11/28/1898
Cornelia Lund,   1/9/1900-




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