Albert E. Miller



(mayor of St. George)


Albert E. Miller was born on January 9, 1873 in St. George, Utah.

He married Mary Ann Cottam. In 1893-1894 (before they were married), Mary taught school at Hamblin and boarded with the John Day family.

Albert & Mary lived at 411 North 300 West in St. George. The old adobe house has been replace with a newer red brick house.

Miller served on the Washington County Council of Defense.

Albert E. Miller served as mayor of St. George in 1918-1920, 1922-1924, and 1936-1940.

Miller died May 21, 1967 in St. George.


Parents and Siblings:
    Henry William Miller (5/1/1807-10/9/1885) (married Fanny Gunn on 10/25/1862 at Salt Lake City UT)
    Fanny Gunn  (12/6/1837-6/22/1892) (married John Robert McKenzie in 1889 after Henry died)
        James Gardner Miller (9/19/1863-11/19/1907) (married Harmenia Ann Reber on 7/2/1884)
        George Albert Miller (10/16/1865-3/2/1947) (married Julia Virginia Glauner)
        Lovenia Ellen Miller (12/14/1867-1/19/1943) (married David Rudisill or Rotseal Miller on 11/15/1893
            and Daniel Lester Hendrix on 10/10/1894)
        John Henry Miller (9/11/1870-4/16/1899) (married Mary Abigail Pearce on 11/15/1893)
        Albert Edwin Miller (1/9/1873-5/21/1967) (married as shown below)

Wife and Children:
    Mary Ann Cottam  (born 7/19/1875, married 12/25/1895, died xx/xx/xxxx)
        Henry William Miller (4/28/1897-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Marie Clark and Lucille B. Wilde)
        George Cottam Miller (8/15/1898-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Catherine Gwennie Mathison)
        Edwin Gardner Miller (11/12/1899-xx/xx/xxxx)
        Howard Orton Miller (11/7/1903-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Iva Tanner, ???, and Agusta Mortensen)
        Mary Miller (xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Arthur Glen Wagner)
        Rachel Miller (2/14/1905-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Franklin Carr Cones)
        Edith Miller (9/6/1907-11/22/1993) (married Edward Rudolph Frei Jr. in 1933)
        Grace Miller (xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Charles Cram Bulloch and Herbert Edrick Twitchell)
        Rosalind Miller (xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Clarence Mousley Cannon)
        Grant Miller (10/1/1915-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Jenny Laverne Felton)
        Daniel Arnold Miller (4/15/1919-xx/xx/xxxx) (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)


Henry William Miller home
Albert on 1/9/1873 (age 17)
        Henry William Miller home
        Albert & Mary with sons Henry, George, and Howard in front of their St. George home


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Albert E. Miller Tells His Qualifications
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Descendants of Dixie Pioneers: Take Active Part In Civic, State Affairs
Article by Mabel Jarvis, Washington County News, September 2, 1937
Describes outstanding events of Dixie told by Albert E. Miller in Recalling developments here during his lifetime.

Genealogy of the Miller Family
Home that Albert E. Miller built for Dr. Pike in St. George

"Immortal Pioneers: Founders of City of St. George, Utah"
Book by Albert E. Miller