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in Washington County, Utah


College youth were paid from $306 to $400 a month for "work study" projects at their schools.

Boys and girls from relief families were paid $10 to $25 a month for part-time work that included job training. The youth normally lived at home, and worked on construction or repair projects.

Unlike the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), it included young women.


The National Youth Administration (NYA) was a New Deal agency that focused on providing work and education for Americans between the ages of 16 and 25. From June 26, 1935 to 1939 it was part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) From 1939 to 1942 it was part of the Federal Security Agency. From 1942 until it was discontinued in 1943 it was part of the War Manpower Commission (WMC).

Funds were provided to Dixie Junior College students starting in the 1935-1936 school year.




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Short quotes about the NYA in the Washington County News

Plans For Work Program Outlined At Dixie Jr. College
Washington County News, August 19, 1937, Page 1

Student Financial Problems Treated By B. Glen Smith
Washington County News, August 20, 1938, Page 1

N.Y.A. Project Approved For Dixie College
Washington County News, October 27, 1938, Page 1

County NYA Convention To Be Held Here Saturday
Washington County News, May 11, 1939, Page 1

Washington County N.Y.A. Convention Here Saturday, May 13th Well Attended
Washington County News, May 18, 1939, Page 1

Forty Boys And Ten Girls To Be Registered Under N.Y.A.
Washington County News, September 21, 1939, Page 1

Dixie College Gets First Dormitories In History Under N.Y.A. Plan
Washington County News, October 5, 1939, Page 1

N.Y.A. Boys To Put In Cement Walks on 1st East
Washington County News, December 7, 1939, Page 1

Dugway To Airport Widened; Field Cleared of Stones
Washington County News, February 1, 1940, Page 1

N.Y.A. Boys Start Work On Tiger Football Field
Washington County News, March 14, 1940, Page 1

College Tennis Courts To Be Lighted Soon
Washington County News, May 16, 1940, Page 6

Washington County Schools Need More Buildings-Equipment
Washington County News, May 23, 1940, Page 1

Possibilities Seen For Aeronautics At Dixie
Washington County News, June 6, 1940, Page 1

City Starts Action On Airport With $1900 Pledged On $2600 Needed
Washington County News, August 8, 1940, Page 1

St. George Airport Hangar Soon To Be Completed
Washington County News, October 10, 1940, Page 1

Educational Opportunities Greater Today For Youth Training
Washington County News, December 12, 1940, Page 1

First Meeting of Washington County NYA Advisory Committee Held This Week
Washington County News, August 21, 1941, Page 1

NYA Project To Improve Rodeo Stands and Fences
Washington County News, September 4, 1941, Page 1

Clerical Work For Nine NYA Youths Set Up In U.S. Offices
Washington County News, September 11, 1941, Page 9

New Radio Course Gets Underway At Dixie Under Celil L. Bowman
Washington County News, April 30, 1942, Page 4

Local Boys Given Awards For Outstanding Work In Welding School
Washington County News, July 30, 1942, Page 1

Representative Walter K. Granger Sends News From the U.S. Capitol
Washington County News, July 1, 1943, Page 1