Wagon Train



Mountain Meadows, Utah


8 miles southeast of Enterprise, just west of Highway 18.
34 miles southwest of Cedar City and 27 miles north of St. George.

Wagon Train
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37° 28' 31.76" North Latitude,   113° 38' 37.25" West Longitude
37.4755° North Latitude,   113.6437° West Longitude
5,687 feet (1,733 meters) MSL






The valley at Mountain Meadows
WCHS-01182   Photo of the valley at Mountain Meadows

Other WCHS photos:
WCHS-01183   Photo of the Mountain Meadow Massacre memorial at the observation site
WCHS-01184   Photo of the monument at the site of the Mountain Meadows Massacre
WCHS-02549   Photo of the Mountain Meadows Remembrance & Reconciliation quilt


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Report on the exhumation of Proctor Hancock Robison by Raymon W. Carling

The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Book by Juanita Brooks, 1950
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The Massacre at Mountain Meadows
Book by Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Glen M. Leonard
The is the most authoritative book written on the subject so far. It was written by three prominent historians
with full access to the LDS church historical archives on the subject.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Article by Richard E. Turley Jr.
Ensign, September 2007

The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows Massacre: Toward a Consensus Account and Time Line
19th Annual Juanita Brooks Lecture
by Robert H. Briggs

Revisiting the Massacre at Mountain Meadows
26th Annual Juanita Brooks Lecture
by Glen M. Leonard

Mountain Meadows Massacre Revisited
by Dr. E. Leo Lyman
This D/ASIA Brown Bag Lecture was given on February 26, 2010.
The audio recording was made by Carl Rich of http://www.dixietoday.com.

Discovering Human Remains at Mountain Meadows: A Conversation With Historical Archeologist Everett Bassett
A Utah Department of Heritage & Arts "Speak Your Piece" interview with Everett Bassett

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Movie: "September Dawn", 2007
A controversial fictional drama set against a background of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
Filmed in Canada (not in Washington or Iron Counties).
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