David Moss Home



St. George, Utah


154 South 100 East
St. George, UT 84770

Plat A, Block 12, Lot 8 (7?) on the old pioneer map of St. George.

37° 6' 20.97" North Latitude,   113° 34' 53.47" West Longitude
2,715 feet MSL

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The house had a black lava rock foundation and adobe walls. It had high ceilings and a shingle roof. It only had four rooms and no indoor plumbing or electricity.

There was a cellar and grainery (as they called it) in the back.

There was also a small 2-room adobe house next to the street.

In the back, there was a large barn with horse stables and a cow shed, along with places to keep hay.


David Moss was the original owner of this property.

??? bought the home from Dave Moss about 1898, shortly after they were married. At that time, everyone knew everyone else in town.

The upper part of the grainery was used as a bedroom for the boys.

The little house out by the street was rented to out-of-town students. Later, the boys used it for scouts as a clubhouse.

Water came from a spring from a tunnel tunnel dug into the red rock on the west side of town, where the Red Hills Golf Course is now. The water came down Diagonal Street with laterals going down each street. From 8:00 to 9:00 each morning, the water was turned in each ditch so that people could fill barrels to have water for household use. Then the livestock would be turned out to drink.

Almost every family had a cow to milk. Boys would come down the street each morning blowing a horn, and people would turn their cows into the herd and boys would take them up on the hill to graze and then bring them back at night.

??? bought a larger home one block east and sold this home to Karl Fordham, a music teacher.

Later, he sold it to James Pectel.

The ceilings of the house have been lowered and the house remodeled.

The home was sold to Wayne Nuttal.

David Moss
Karl Fordham
James Pectel
Wayne Nuttal


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