Eldon & Denise McArthur



"Striving For Balance, My Story"

by E. Durant McArthur

The memoir is of St. George native son, born in 1941, who reflects on his growing up, professional and family
life, church service, and other activities.

Hardback, 447 Pages, 8.5" x 11" x 1"
Privately published by E. Durant McArthur
Printed by Book1One, 655 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester NY 14613

"Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to write my story. I started it in Hawaii in 2011, when I was staying
with my son, Curt, who was having some health issues. As I continued to work on it intermittently and came to
the section on my parents, I decided to set my history aside and compile theirs. When I finished that, I resumed
working on mine and have been working on it since about 2018. I hope readers, family and friends, will enjoy it;
it is structured such, that a reader can pick and choose what they would like to read and explore. The summary
record of my science activities is in Appendix 4. I’ve enjoyed my life and been blessed. I thank my Father-in-
Heaven, my parents, my brothers and sisters and other relatives, my friends from many walks of life, including
my church, professional, and basketball friends, and especially my wife, children, grandchildren, and in- and out-
laws of various stripes for being part of my life. My wife Virginia has tolerated my foibles and I love her for that
and a host of other reasons. I drew substantially on my journals in preparation of this work. When I changed
direct quotes from those or other sources I used square brackets ([ ]). Some of my parentheticial comments are
dated by year as the manuscript was prepared, e.g., 2018, 2019, or 2020. The title, Striving for Balance, reflects
a challenge that I faced with the priorities in my life. I don’t claim that I achieved balance among my principal
interests (family, profession, church, etc.) but I tried."


This book can be purchased from E. Durant McArthur
139 South 1970 East, St. George UT 84790
(435)703-4389, edmcarthur@infowest.com
$35.00 if picked up or $40.00 if mailed

It is also available in the Washington County Library and Dixie State University Library.


Front cover of the book
Front Cover
      Title page of the book
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Table of Contents
Antecedents    2
Childhood, Youth, and Adolescence  23
High School and College up to My Mission  28
Mission  33
Finishing Dixie, Starting University of Utah, Courtship and Marriage  38
Virginia and Her Family  40
Salt Lake City, 1964-1970: Starting a Family and University Life  55
Postdoc at the University of Leeds, UK, 1970-1971  58
Transition: Starting My Forest Service Research Career and Living in Ephraim, 1971-1975    68
Getting Established in Orem and at the Shrub Lab, 1975-1979  77
Anxiously Engaged; Family, Church, Home,Profession, 1980—1998  81
Capping a Career and Life as Empty Nesters, 1999-2008177
Life in Retirement: St. George, A Mission, Contracting, and Service, 2009-2020213
References and Notes247
    1.     Sample Block Capital Journal Entries304
    2.     Our Cars306
    3A.   Notes on Colleagues307
    3B.   Supervisors and Station Directors323
    4.     Professional Vita Including Publications329
    5.     Miscellaneous Documents, Essays, and Poems434