People in front of the Page Ranch House



"Sunlight and Shadow, The Page Ranch Story"

by Lisa Michele Church

Hardback, 304 Pages, 8-5/8" x 11" x 1"
Published by Lisa Michele Church
Printed by Stevenson Printing, Provo, Utah


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Front cover of Sunlight and Shadow, The Page Ranch Story
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                      PART ONE * 1853-1875

1:   "This would make a good strong place"   /   5
2:   "It was work, work, work from early dawn till late at night"   /   11
3:   "All they had been doing was trying to make a home and a living"   /   20

                      PART TWO * 1876-1897

4:   "Mother was a lover of the beautiful"   /   33
5:   "She would get a rope and tie all her children to it in a string"   /   43
6:   "I remember the old pink cabbage rose by her bedroom window"   /   47

                      PART THREE * 1898-1913

7:   "We felt as if we had a fortune, so Father built a new home"   /   69
8:   "The parlor was one of the prettiest rooms I have ever seen"   /   77
9:   "It appears it is all in a lifetime"   /   86
10:   "I just sat there and cried until I couldn't cry anymore"   /   94

                      PART FOUR * 1914-PRESENT

11:   "Bring sunbonnets and hats of odd shape, I will wear my old country cape"   /   119
12:   "After a silence of 56 years, she wrote me again"   /   130
13:   "If anyone on earth would make a Go-Of-It, you could do it"   /   135
14:   "If we are going to get serious, I have to take you out to this place I love"   /   140

EPILOGUE   /   169


SOURCES   /   191


Timeline of Page Ranch
Family of Robert Richey
Family of Sophia Geary Page
Children and Grandchildren of Daniel and Sophia Page
Map of Mountain Meadows
Life of Robert Richey by Kaye Page Nichols
Life Sketch of Sarah Ann Hollister Richey Lockridge
Life Sketch of Sophia Geary Page
Selected Page Ranch Property Transfers 1860-1934
Page Ranch Cattle Brand
Select Page Mining Claims 1900-1924
Rough Diagram of the Page Ranch Home
Maps of Page Ranch Site
John Page Journal 1901
Eva Geary Page Higbee Diary Excerpts 1903-1905
Robert Page letter to Ed Higbee, July 8, 1936
National Register of Historic Places, Nomination Form, 1985