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(aka Southern Washington County Regional Beltway)

A beltway around the St. George metropolitan area is a concept. It will be a four lane divided non-stop highway with a 65 mph speed limit. It is being implemented in phases.


Southern Parkway, Phase 1
The first phase of the Dixie Beltway is the called the Southern Parkway. It runs from Sun River to the Atkinville interchange (I-15, Milepost 2). Then 4 miles down to the Utah-Arizona border and over to a River Road interchange.

Southern Parkway, Phase 2
Phase 2 will continue from the River Road interchange 4 miles out to the new replacement airport, where there will be an Airport Road interchange.

Southern Parkway, Phase 3
Phase 3 will run from the Airport Road interchange 3 miles up to a Warner Valley Road interchange.

Southern Parkway, Phase 4
Phase 4 will run from the Warner Valley Road interchange 8 miles over to a 4300 West interchange.

Southern Parkway, Phase 5
Phase 5 will run from the 4300 West interchange 8 miles around the south end of Sand Hollow Reservoir and up to State Route 9 at about 2800 West in Hurricane.

Western Corridor
The Western Corridor is the western segment of the Dixie Beltway from I-15 at the new Atkinville Interchange to Old Highway 91 between Ivins and Santa Clara. This is targeted for some time beyond the year 2024.

Northern Corridor
Some road across the northern part of the area will be needed by 2035, but due to conflicts with the Red Cliff Desert Reserve, a route and not yet been determined.


10/2007: Construction began on Phase 1 of the Southern Parkway.

12/31/2008: The Atkinville interchange (1-15, Exit 2) opened to provide access to Sun River.

7/7/2009: Ribbon cutting ceremony for the first four miles of the Southern Parkway, which runs along the Utah-Arizona border from the Atkinville interchange on I-15 to River Road. This first phase of the project cost $58.5 million and has been 20 years in the making.

The next phase of the highway, also known as State Route 7, will connect to St. George's replacement airport.

Later phases will circle through eastern Washington County and reconnect back to Interstate 15.


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