William Brown Hill



(farmer, early Toquerville resident)


William Brown Hill was born on October 19, 1836, in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. William and his mother immigrated to the United States in the early 1840s and settled in Salt Lake Valley before October 1, 1852.

His first wife, Emma Maria Mecham, was born on May 9, 1940 in Montrose, Lee County, Iowa.

His second wife, Mary Jane Price, was born on December 22, 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois.

William and Emma were married on February 15, 1857. William and Mary Jane were married on August 31, 1859. Both couples were married in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The families first lived in Lehi, Utah. Here William and Emma had their first two children, and William made his living as a farmer.

In 1861, when President Young called three hundred families to the Dixie Mission, an area about three hundred miles southwest of Salt Lake City, William (24), Emma (21), and Mary Jane (17), were among those called. Their charge was to build up Zion by establishing communities in southern Utah and growing cotton if practicable. The Dixie Saints arrived in Dixie in December 1861, and their first orders were to get water to the land, lay out cities, and provide for the education of the children. By May 1862, the Hill family had settled in Toquerville, where Emma had ten more children and Mary Jane had all seven of her children.

At some point, William occupied the home built by Nathan C. Tenney at 108 N. Toquer Blvd.

During the next twenty years, the Hills braved the hot, southwest Utah sun, fierce desert winds, and rains that didn’t come for months and then came in torrents. During the first Christmas season after the Hills’ arrival, it rained off and on for what seemed like forty days! The resultant floods brought swarms of flies and mosquitoes, which in turn brought disease. Typhoid, diphtheria, malaria, whooping cough, and scarlet fever ravaged the struggling settlements. William and Emma lost three children while living in Toquerville. Mary Jane and William lost a two-year-old daughter.

In 1880, the Hills sold their house on 10 West Center Street in Toquerville to William Jackson and in 1881 moved to Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. William (45) and Emma (41) brought eight of their nine remaining children with them. Mary Jane (38) and William’s six living children also came to Mesa.

William died on September 22, 1883 in Mesa from a smallpox epidemic which struck Mesa at that time. He was age forty-six and was buried in the Mesa Cemetery.

Mary Jane died on May 3, 1914 in Mesa and was also buried in the Mesa Cemetery.

Emma Maria died on August 6, 1923 in Mesa and likewise was buried in the Mesa Cemetery.


William's Parents and Siblings:
    Alexander Hill
    Jenette Broom Hill
        William Brown Hill
        Elizabeth Mary Hill
        James L. Hill *
        William Alexander Hill *
        Annie Isabelle Hill *

(6/15/1819–3/4/1892)   (married xx/xx/1834)
(03/16/1820 – 12/23/1899)
(10/19/1836-9/22/1883)   (married Emma Maria Mecham and Mary Jane Price)
(Unknown - Died as an infant)
(xx/xx/1842-xx/xx/1901)   (married Ellen Robertson)
(xx/xx/1849-xx/xx/1920)   (married Marion Robertson)
(xx/xx/1858-xx/xx/1944)   (married William McBride)

Emma's Parents and Siblings:
    Ephraim Mecham
    Polly Derby Mecham
        Amos Mecham
        Permelia Mecham
        Lewis Mecham
        Elvira Mecham
        Emma Maria Mecham
        Hyrum Moroni Mecham
        Sarah Ann Mecham
        Ephraim Don Carlos Mecham  
        Mary Henrietta Mecham
        Polly Celestia Mecham
        John Albert Mecham
        Adelia Vilate Mecham

(3/7/1808–7/6/1891)   (married 11/29/1829)
(9/11/1832–6/10/1911)   (married Daniel Bigelow)
(12/18/1835–10/12/1907)   (married Vashtia Emily Johnson)
(5/9/1840–8/6/1923)   (married William Brown Hill)
(8/20/1842–3/14/1917)   (married Sarah Ann Stevens)
(4/10/1848–12/21/1899)   (married Miles Batty)
(4/2/1852–4/21/1890)   (married William Haws)
(6/21/1854–1/14/1934)   (married Rosella Ann Bigelow)
(12/26/1856–11/25/1941)   (married Robert Wilson Glenn II)

Mary's Parents and Siblings:
    Charles Price
    Mary Jane Shelton Price
        Benjamin P. Price
        Mary Jane Price
        Sarah Ann Price
        Sarah W Price
        Charles Oakey Price *
        Emily Maria Price *
        Esther Ann Price *
        Adeline Price Egbert *
        Samuel Daniel Price *

(9/1/1800–5/27/1873)   (married 10/6/1841)
(12/22/1843–5/1/1914)   (married William Brown Hill)
(About 1849 – After 1850)
(xx/xx/1860-xx/xx/1928)   (married Henry Sylvester Perry)
(xx/xx/1862-xx/xx/1900)   (married William Riley Egbert)
(xx/xx/1863-xx/xx/1896)   (married Margaret Ann Hall Timothy)

First Wife and Children:
    Emma Maria Mecham Hill
        Emma Elvira Hill
        William Albert Hill
        Lewis Hill
        Ephraim Hill
        Polly Jennette Hill
        Vilate Hill
        Permelia Jane Hill
        John Derby Hill
        Elnora Hill
        Jesse Hill
        Hiram Moroni Hill
        Walter Parley Hill
        Mary Celestia Hill

(5/9/1840–8/6/1923)   (married 2/15/1857)
(5/20/1858–7/30/1941)   (married Alma Franklin Naegle)
(3/3/1866–5/14/1954)   (married William Grafton Brundage)
(1/15/1870–5/20/1937)   (married James Horne)
(11/9/1874–12/6/1946)   (married Lionel Brand Johnson)
(10/18/1875–10/27/1946)   (married Mabel Amelia Bloomer)
(2/1/1880–10/1/1943)   (married Myrtle Brizzie)
(8/12/1883–7/5/1969)   (married Edmund Garfield Montgomery)

Second Wife and Children:
    Mary Jane Price Hill
        Mary Jane Hill
        Rhoda Hill
        Charles Price Hill
        Caroline Janette Hill
        David Shelton Hill
        Annis Lottie Hill
        Lafayette Hill

(12/22/1843–5/1/1914)   (married 8/31/1859)
(11/3/1862–10/19/1947)   (married Joseph Rogers Standage)
(5/20/1867–12/25/1928)   (married Laura Fidelia Plumley)
(10/7/1869–6/11/1954)   (married Walter Harvey Pew Sr.)
(12/29/1872–3/27/1955)   (married Alice Serepta Ingram)
(1/18/1874–12/14/1949)   (married William Middletown Clark)
(3/6/1876–1/17/1958)   (married Eliza Roxey Staples)

* Half-siblings


William Brown Hill
      Emma Maria Mecham Hill
      Mary Jane Price Hill

Mary Jane Price Hill
Mary Jane Price Hill
      William & Mary Hill's Daughters
      William & Mary's Daughters


Toquerville, Oasis in the Desert - A History of Toquerville and the Area
Book compiled and written by Cherrie Gubler Naegle
Pages 65, 68, 135, 147, 179, 190, 202, 233, 235, and 241
For the book information page, click here.

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