Samuel Lorenzo Adams



by Samuel Lorenzo Adams


The following song was composed and sung by Samuel L. Adams at the dedecation of the
Brigham Young Monument that stands in the intersection of South Temple and Main Streets
in Salt Lake City. The monument was placed there for the fiftieth anniversary of the City.


Fifty years ago today, this spot looked quite forlorne
An uninviting Country as sure as you are born
The crickets hopt around us, Sage brush emense bad grown,
As we came marching to Utah.

Hurrah, Hurrah, the brush we have cut down
The crickets have been banished, and we're building quite a town.
Salt Lake is gaining great renown,
Since we came marching to Utah.

This was a howling wilderness, that everybody knows
The Ute took up a thinking, we were stepping on his toes.
The wolves and buzzards court the flame becoming deadly foes,
As we came marching to Utah.

Chorus: ...

We built the o1d fort wa1ls to shield from foes and cold.
The feats that happened hereabouts has never half been to1d,
Of want and suffering in the camp of Pioneers bold
As we came marching to Utah.

Chorus: ...

A stent the Prophet gave them that surely was not mean
It was to change the looks of earth, and make things neat and green.
And learn to cultivate our crops, by watering from the stream,
As we came marching to Utah.

Chorus: ...

We built the U.P. Rail Road that brought you all to see
Our Pioneer gathering, and ade our jublee,
And with the Mormons, once in life to have a Jolly Spree,
As you came marching to Utah.

Chorus: ...

We now unvail the statue of our leader Brigham Young,
The man that lead the Vanguard of our Pioneer throng.
That opened up the Western Wild, and bid you come along,
To aid in building up Utah.

Chorus: ...