Marion Hill Bowler



(businessman, veteran, city councilman, mayor)


Etheleen Anderson was born in Mayfield, San Pete County, Utah on August 9, 1916.

Marion Hill Bowler was born in Gunlock on May 19, 1917.

Jennie Eliza Wadsworth was born in St. George on February 5, 1918.

Marion married Jennie in St. George on May 1, 1940. Their marriage was later solemnized in the
St. George LDS Temple. They had 5 children, including one daughter who only survived for 4 days.

Marion was the owner and manager of the Dixie Appliance Store for over 45 years.

Marion was a St. George City Councilman and later Mayor of St. George from 1966 to 1974.

Marion was known for his beautiful voice, singing at many civic and church affairs, as well as at many funerals. He is remembered for his comforting rendition of the hymn, "In the Garden". He also performed with the Dixie College Program Bureau and was referred to many times as the Singing Mayor.

Jennie died in St. George on August 24,1986. She was buried in Plot B_9033 of the St. George City Cemetery.

After the death of Jennie, Marion married widow Etheleen Anderson Shell in Gunlock on August 15, 1987.

Marion died in Columbia, Maryland on February 25, 1998. He was buried in Plot B_9032 of the
St. George City Cemetery.

Etheleen died in Richfield, Utah on December 26, 2004 and was buried on December 31 in
Plot Westward Park B 352.3 of the Lake Hills Cemetery in Sandy, Utah.


Marion's Parents and Siblings:
    Francis Joseph Bowler
    Anna Parthenia Holt Bowler
        James Franklin Bowler
        Erma Matilda Bowler
        Emma Estella Bowler
        Francis Leo Bowler
        Joseph LeGrand Bowler Sr  

        Roland Holt Bowler
        Antone Reed Bowler
        Wanda Bowler
        Marion Hill Bowler

        Anna Fern Bowler
        Melvin Truman Bowler
        Maxine Bowler

(1/27/1879-11/21/1968)   (married 5/17/1901)
(11/17/1902-4/22/1999)   (married Norvel Bracken)
(10/18/1904-7/22/1979)   (married Maxwell Hafen)
(1/15/1907-3/31/1988)   (married LaPrele Sorenson and Beth Truman)
(1/23/1909-10/4/2004)   (married Sildona Jensen, Anna Scow,
    and La Berta Woodbury)
(3/15/1911-8/13/1946)   (married Verona Sarah Terry)
(3/12/1913-1/23/1997)   (married Cola Slack)
(7/16/1915-6/23/2009)   (married Edgar Clark McAllister)
(5/19/1917-2/25/1998)   (married Jennie Elizabeth Wadsworth
    and Etheleen Anderson)
(4/2/1920-10/23/2002)   (married Andrew Robert Lytle)
(3/16/1922-6/15/1995)   (married Laura Lytle)
(3/7/1924-1/3/2019)   (married John Bennett Lindsay)

Jennie's Parents and Siblings:
    Nephi John Wadsworth
    Vilate Andrus Wadsworth
        Nephi John Wadsworth
        Berto J Wadsworth
        Lawrence J. Wadsworth
        Franklin J Wadsworth
        Mary Lovina Wadsworth
        Baby Wadsworth
        Baby Wadsworth
        Jennie Eliza Wadsworth

(5/26/1882-2/5/1946)   (married 5/25/1904)
(12/31/1911-8/11/1999)   (married Robert Mervin Reber)
(2/5/1918-8/24/1986)   (married Marion Hill Bowler)

Etheleen's Parents and Siblings:
    Niels Peter Arthur Anderson
    Ricka Malinda Sorensen Anderson  
        Baby Anderson
        Blanche Elmonte Anderson
        Glenn Arthur Anderson
        LaMar Anderson

        Thelma Anderson
        Delma Anderson
        Royal Andrew Anderson
        Etheleen Anderson

        Teddy J Anderson
        Teddy "J" Anderson

(9/26/1877-12/14/1964)   (married 1/31/1900)
(7/25/1902-10/14/1995)   (married Orson Lorenzo Christiansen)
(10/30/1905-12/22/1970)   (married Dorothy Helen Atkinson)
(11/7/1907-10/13/1992)   (married Florence Johnson
   and Geneva Wood)
(6/14/1910-11/8/1997)   (married Kenneth William Ash)
(6/14/1910-10/16/2003)   (married Scott Ure Miller)
(10/4/1912-4/19/2000)   (married Leah Lavon Leak)
(8/9/1916-12/26/2004)   (married Kenneth Ray Shell
    and Marion Hill Bowler)
(xx/xx/1918-11/30/2007)   (married Phyllis Prestigiacomo) ???
(7/18/1919-11/30/2007)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx) ???

First Wife and Children:
    Jennie Eliza Wadsworth Bowler
        Eliza Jane Bowler
        Marion Kenneth Bowler
        JoAnn Bowler
        Jennifer Bowler
        Jonnie Lyn Bowler

(2/5/1918-8/24/1986)   (married 5/1/1940)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Ann Taylor)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Ronald Jensen)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Michael Cuff)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Mark Ormsby)

Second Wife:
    Etheleen Anderson Bowler

(8/9/1916-12/26/2004)   (married 8/15/1987)


Marion & Jennie Bowler
Jennie & Marion Bowler
      Etheleen Bowler
      Etheleen Bowler


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