John T. Woodbury



(mayor of St. George)


John Taylor Woodbury was born in St. George on January 30, 1863.

John married Mary Elizabeth Evans in St. George on October 19, 1883.

John was the mayor of St. George from January 1914 to January 1916. His son, John T. Woodbury Jr.,
was mayor from January 1932 to January 1936.

John died in St. George on December 19, 1936 and was buried on December 21 in Plot B_5_2_4 of the
St. George City Cemetery.


John's Parents and Siblings:
    Orin Nelson Woodbury
    Ann Quayle Cannon Woodbury
        Eleanor Cannon Woodbury
        Orin Nelson Woodbury, Jr.
        Annie Maria Woodbury
        George Jeremiah Woodbury
        John Taylor Woodbury
        Leanora Cannon Woodbury
        Frank Bartlett Woodbury
        Alice Cannon Woodbury
        Angus Cannon Woodbury
        Clara Elizabeth Woodbury

(8/10/1828-8/25/1890)   (married 2/17/1853)
(3/9/1854-4/16/1934)   (married George Frederick Jarvis)
(7/14/1856-6/23/1899)   (married Mary Alice Clark)
(10/14/1858-1/14/1930)   (married Miles Park Romney)
(11/25/1860-9/12/1889)   (married Elizabeth Rowena Romney)
(1/30/1863-12/19/1936)   (married Mary Elizabeth Thompson)
(8/26/1865-11/11/1951)   (married George Washington Worthen)
(12/27/1867-12/21/1962)   (married Clara Horne Tingey)
(11/16/1870-5/10/1964)   (married Melvin Myron Harmon)
(5/20/1873-7/21/1966)   (married Diantha Rodgers)
(11/30/1875-9/7/1969)   (married Herbert Arthur Barlow,
    Joshua William Sylvester, and Morgan William Adams)

Mary's Parents and Siblings:
    Thomas Evans
    Matilda Commander Evans
        Louisa Evans
        Mary Elizabeth Evans

(4/1/1798-4/25/1866)   (married 5/3/1859)
(3/7/1960-11/14/1908)   (married John Ross Wilson)
(2/2/1862-3/4/1954)   (married John Taylor Woodbury)

John & Mary's Family:
    John Taylor Woodbury
    Mary Elizabeth Evans Woodbury  
        John Taylor Woodbury Jr.
        Angus Munn Woodbury
        William Evans Woodbury
        Matilda Woodbury
        Annie Woodbury
        David Orin Woodbury
        Mary Woo Woodbury

        Louise Woodbury

        Rose Lucile Woodbury

(1/30/1863-12/19/1936)   (married 10/19/1883)
(8/16/1884-12/2/1953)   (married Nimzar Gagosian and Grace Emma Mills)
(7/11/1886-8/1/1964)   (married Grace Atkin)
(7/1/1888-10/28/1966)   (married Verda Sullivan)
(8/8/1890-8/12/1974)   (married William Ruesch Jr.)
(5/31/1893-12/13/1970)   (married Le Roy Reuben Hafen)
(4/30/1895-10/12/1968)   (married Laura Snow)
(5/13/1899-2/18/1996)   (married Wilford Woodruff Bryson,
    Dr. Birney Alexander Lendrum, Le Roy Reuben Hafen,
    and Benjamin Franklin Adams)
(5/31/1901-12/30/1991)   (married Willard Drake Ellis
    and Walter Colquitt Ficklin)




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