Jack & Thelma Scholzen





Jack Scholzen was born in Hollywood, California, on September 13, 1925.

Even as a child, Jack was involved in the family business adventures. He was driving trucks at age 14.

As Jack got older, he went with his father on selling trips. He followed his father into the Scholzen warehouses and helped him fill customer orders. Before he could read, Jack could figure and knew every price on every item that was carried in stock at the company.

During his close association with his father, Jack acquired his father's business ability and sincere feeling of civic responsibility.

When Jack was fifteen, his father was in a terrible car accident. Jack had to leave school to see that the deliveries were made. Henry finally recovered, but the years of hard work and long hours took its toll on his health. Henry died on July 18, 1951 leaving his son, Jack, with the responsibility of carrying on the business at the age of 26.

Jack married Thelma Olds of Toquerville, Utah, June 26, 1943. They had six children who are carrying on the family business. Jack died September 19, 1987 leaving the family business with his six children - Nick, Nancy, David, Keith, Linda and Mary Lu.


Jack's Birth Family:
    Henry Scholzen
    Mary Sanders Scholzen
        Jack Scholzen

(3/17/1894-7/18/1951)   (married 11/18/1924)
(9/13/1925-9/19/1987)   (married Thelma Olds)

Thelma's Parents and Siblings:
    Arthur Herbert Olds
    Lottie Encora Dodge Olds
        Lois Olds
        Thelma Olds

(5/20/1897-10/29/1987)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)
(7/21/1922-1/22/2012)   (married Rudy Iverson)
(12/16/1924-1/9/2012)   (married Henry Clarence Iverson)

Jack & Thelma's Family:
    Jack Scholzen
    Thelma Olds Scholzen
        Nick Scholzen
        Nancy Scholzen
        David Scholzen
        Keith Scholzen
        Linda Scholzen
        Mary Lu Scholzen

(9/13/1925-9/19/1987)   (married 6/26/1943)
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(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
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