George H. Wood



(early Grafton and Hurricane residents)


George Henry "Nen" Wood was born in Lehi, Utah on December 1, 1860. His parents called him Henry for the first years of his life. But when his little sister, Emily, came along, she could not say Henry; "Nen" was as close as she could get and that nickname stuck with him through the rest of his life.

Emily Louise Hastings was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 20, 1860.
Note: Many sources show her as born in 1861, but the truth is that she was born in 1860. She always said to her family that she didn’t want to appear older than her husband who was 10 months her junior.

Nen's sister, Emily Wood was born in Virgin, Utah on December 21, 1862, the night their parents arrived in Southern Utah. She married George Andrew Gibson in 1883 in Virgin.

Nen and Emily were married in St. George on February 20, 1882.

Nen died near Grafton, Utah on May 7, 1898 as a result of a wreck on a young horse. He was buried in the Grafton Cemetery.

Emily died in Kanarraville, Utah on December 1, 1909 and was also buried in the Grafton Cemetery.


George's Parents and Siblings:
    John Wood Sr.
    Ellen Smith Wood
        Sarah Ann Wood
        Eliza Wood
        Cyrus Nephi Wood
        Mary Ellen Wood
        Charles Wood
        Mary Wood
        Jane Wood
        John Wood Jr.
        George Henry "Nen" Wood
        Emily Wood

(2/14/1819-8/4/1911)   (married 1/6/1850)
(xx/xx/1850-xx/xx/1929)   (married Samuel Winsbrough Western)
(12/27/1854-5/28/1921)   (married Isaac Davis Brown)
(9/27/1858-9/10/1932)   (married Sarah Jane Gibson)
(12/1/1860-5/7/1898)   (married Emily Louise Hastings)
(12/21/1862-1/3/1950)   (married George Andrew Gibson)

Emily's Parents and Siblings:
    William Hastings
    Sarah Jane Smith Hastings
        Emily Louise Hastings
        Mary Elizabeth Hastings
        William Robert Hastings
        John Henry Hastings
        Lucy Jane Hastings
        Joseph Hastings
        Hyrum Hastings
        David Hastings

(2/21/1824-11/8/1882)   (married 4/16/1859)
(2/20/1860-12/1/1909)   (married George Henry Wood)
(2/20/1860-10/17/1909)   (married Joel Elmer Johnson)
(5/18/1864-4/22/1936)   (married Martha Jepson)
(5/21/1868-9/27/1945)   (married Amanda Christine Kempe)
(5/21/1868-xx/xx/1942)   (married Maggie Dennett)
(10/14/1872-12/26/1932)   (married Lydia Jane Beebe)

George & Emily's Family:
    George Henry Wood
    Emily Louise Hastings Wood  
        Orin Wood
        Baby girl Wood
        Sarah Jennie Wood
        John Nenniel Wood

(12/1/1860-5/7/1898)   (married 2/20/1882)
(6/21/1886-5/19/1923)   (married Harriet "Hattie" Fidelia Flanigan and Anna Jennings)
(12/27/1897-1/15/1952)   (married Martha Bradshaw)




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