Emma McAllister



(teacher, artist, musician)


Sarah Emma McAllister was born in Effingham, Illinois on August 20, 1863. She always went by the name,


Emma attended the Dixon Illinois Normal University where she earned B.S., M.S., and B.O. degrees.
She earned a B.Pd. degree and two life certificates from the teachers' College of Greely in Colorado.

Emma taught school for 37 years, including 9 years as a principal of a high school. She loved primary work and
spent her final years teaching first grade. She taught first grade at the Woodward School in St. George from
1916 to 1921.

Emma loved to draw & paint and did a lot of art work at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Emma loved poetry and wrote a few poems including: Emma died in Compton, California on March 1, 1941 and was buried on March 3 in the Roosevelt Memorial Park
in Gardena, California.


Emma's Parents and Siblings:
    Daniel McAllister
    Sarah Jane Turner McAllister
        James Henry McAllister
        Martha Jane McAllister McAllister  
        Annie McAllister
        Sarah Emma McAllister
        William T. McAllister
        Margaret Elizabeth McAllister
        Robert John McAllister
        Henrietta McAllister
        Ada Almina McAllister

(2/12/1831-10/17/1910)   (married xx/xx/1855)
(11/25/1856-6/28/1935)   (married Mary Charlotte Snook and Mary Kidd)
(2/21/1859-3/5/1909)   (married William Stewardson)
(4/11/1861-6/16/1932)   (married John Calvin Smoot)
(1/28/1866-6/8/1924)   (married Muriel Edna Snider)
(10/28/1868-3/2/1875)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(5/3/1870-1/6/1934)   (married Margaret Ernst)
(11/28/1873-11/8/1965)   (married Henry Harrison Fry)
(12/27/1875-4/20/1931)   (married Fred Clinton Stanton)


Emma McAllister
Emma McAllister

WCHS photos:
WCHS-04639   Photo of Emma McAllister with a large group of young band students


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