Ellis M. Sanders





Letter to Ellis M. Sanders from Lewis H. Mousley, December 3, 1868
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Note from the General Tithing Office to the Southern Bishop
H. K. Whitney, Clerk, giving instructions about Ellis.

Southern Utah Agricultural Society appointment of a committee, June 12, 1865

Ellis' Road Supervisor Report to the Washington County Court, December 1, 1870

Note from Bro. Murser asking for a favor from President Young

Tithing receipt for Ellis M. Sanders, September 10, 1857

Letter from William Clayton, Territorial Auditor, August 10, 1869

Letter from Erastus Snow with a request from President Young, October 17, 1871

Note from A. G. Thornton about taxes, October 6, 1866

Note to President Young, August 1, 1864

Note from Erastus Snow to Road Commissioner E. M. Sanders, July 5, 1872

Ellis' swearing in as Water Master of the Santa Clara River, June 19, 1871

Ellis' appointment as "Fence viewer (?)" of St. George, September 7, 1864

Instructions on taxes from Harrison Burgess, December 29, 1870

Ellis' suit as Road Supervisor against Fredrick Blake

State Legislative Assembly instructions to Ellis on irrigation, December 21, 1864

Ellis' subpoena to appear and testify in court, March 30, 1871

Letter from George Q. Cannon about a cotton yarn shipment

Bill from Lewis H. Mousley for ditching at Heberville

A bearer note for $3.00 from L. L. Adams, February 4, 1871

Note from Alden A. M. Jackson about a meeting requested by Bro. Snow, December 1, 18?? (Tuesday)

Note from David Milne about county script for Bro. A. P. Hardy, May 12, 1871

Receipt for taxes, December 9, 1872

Note from Amos Thornton in Pinto about collecting money, January 26, 1869

Form letter for collecting delinquent 1872 taxes, June __, 1873

Appointment ta a committee to deal with a land claim, September 4, 1865

Resolutions of the County Commissioners about a census, March 7, 1872

Resolution of the City Council and instructions to Ellis, June 18, 1871