Alden A. M. Jackson



(attorney, soldier, St. George City Recorder)


Alden Apollos Moore Jackson was born in Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York on November 4, 1807.

Jackson CA is named after Alden Appolos Moore Jackson, a popular attorney who helped Gold Rush miners settle claims and disputes without having to go to court. Jackson later moved to San Francisco as the Gold Rush was changing it from a small village of tents into a boomtown. It was there in 1850 that he learned of and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Alden married Caroline Augusta Perkins in San Bernardino CA on November 3, 1869 and they were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on December 6, 1876. She previously married and divorced John Joyce. She was born July 13, 1825 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Her parents were John & Caroline (Harriman) Perkins. Caroline Augusta Perkins first heard the gospel preached in Boston MA. Despite intense opposition from her parents, she was baptized in 1843 by Erastus Snow in the Atlantic Ocean. She was talented with words and music, singing at missionary meetings. She cronicled the voyage of the ship Brooklyn.

From San Francisco, Jackson moved to Mormon-founded San Bernardino where he became city attorney. While in San Bernardino, he sent plant cuttings to Utah and southern Arizona. Even today many of the plants in these areas can be traced to the grafts sent by "Col." Jackson. In 1864, the Jackson family moved to St. George, Utah, where Jackson became a secretary and then chairman of the board of trustees for the St. George Normal School.

Was a Colonel in the Mexican American War.

Alden died in St. George on October 30, 1876 and was buried in Plot A_E_89_2 of the St. George City Cemetery.

Caroline died in St. George on December 6, 1876 and was buried in the St. George City Cemetery.


Alden's Parents and Siblings:
    Jeremiah Jackson
    Martha Keyes Jackson
        Asa Keyes Jackson
        Luther Jackson
        Jeremiah Jackson
        Angeline Jackson
        Alden Appolos Moore Jackson
        Mortimer Melville Jackson
        Calvin Jackson
        Elizabeth Jackson
        Josiah Jackson
        Martha Jackson

(xx/xx/1754-xx/xx/1822)   (married xx/xx/~1794)
(xx/xx/1795-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1800-xx/xx/1868)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1805-xx/xx/1867)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(6/26/1807-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx) ???
(11/4/1807-10/30/1876)   (married as shown below)
(xx/xx/1809-xx/xx/1889)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

First Wife and Children:
    Caroline Elizabeth Webb Jackson
        Clarence Alden Jackson
        Cornelia Florida Jackson
        James Webb Jackson
        Josephine Elizabeth Jackson

(xx/xx/1816-xx/xx/>1848)   (married 4/23/1832)
(xx/xx/1835-xx/xx/1904)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1836-xx/xx/1916   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1837-xx/xx/1874)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)
(xx/xx/1847-xx/xx/1891)   (married Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx)

Second Wife and Children:
    Caroline Augusta Perkins Jackson  

(7/13/1825-12/6/1876)   (married 11/3/1869)

Third Wife and Children:
    Julia Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Fourth Wife and Children:
    Philena Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Fifth Wife and Children:
    Amanda Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Sixth Wife and Children:
    Eliza S. Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Seventh Wife and Children:
    Ann Keyes Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Eighth Wife and Children:
    Isabella A. Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Ninth Wife and Children:
    Martha M. Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)

Tenth Wife and Children:
    Nancy Moore Jackson

(xx/xx/xxxx-xx/xx/xxxx)   (married xx/xx/xxxx)




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by Choice M. Glover

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