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Ivins, Utah

Fire Lake Park encomapasses the Ivins Reservoir in Ivins, Utah.
It is an Ivins City park, in cooperation with the Washington County Water Conservancy District,
the Shivwits Band of Paiutes, Washington County, the Ivins Irrigation Company, and Terry Marten (Kayenta developer).


37° 10' 51" North Latitude,   113° 42' 52" West Longitude
37.181° North Latitude,   113.714° West Longitude
3,119 feet (951 meters) MSL

The entrance is to the north off of Old Highway 91, 0.35 miles west of Kayenta Parkway
and 0.66 miles east of the Paiute gas station & minimart.

Fire Lake Park Layout


A levee was constructed to partition of a 4-acre area of the reservoir for swimming. Fresh water from the Gunlock Reservoir is piped into the swimming area and drains over a spillway into the rest of the reservoir. This keeps the swimming water clean without disrupting the irrigation uses of the water.


The Ivins Reservoir dates back to 1918 when it was created for irrigation purposes. In the 1990s, the Washington Water Conservancy District and the Shivwits Band of Paiutes began plans for further developing the reservoir, adding recreational uses. Plans really started to gell in 2014 and consruction started in the middle of 2015

Preliminary names for the park were the Ivins Reservoir Park and the Ivins Reservoir Recreation Area and Nature Park.
The name that stuck was Fire Lake Park, from the Paiute's observation of the sun lit red cliffs reflecting on the smooth surface of the water.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 18, 2016 marked the official opening of the park to the public.




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